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  • Invoice Generation Concept

    In response to a question I had received on the concept of generating invoices, here is an explanation.
    First make sure you have read the 7 easy steps to get up and going with Gopher located here.
    Then understand this, after you have scheduled jobs in your calendar, you can mark them complete at the end of the day. The completed jobs will then be moved to the "Completed Jobs" tab in the schedule section. If you send out your bills at the end of the month, only click on the Generate button at the end of the month when you want to Generate your invoices. Generating your invoices means you are combining all your completed jobs into one invoice per customer, since the last time you generated. So if you cut a lawn 4 times in a month for a customer and at the end of the month generate an invoice for that customer, you will then create an invoice with 4 line items. One line item for each cut.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that your customer balance is not updated with the totals from the completed jobs until after those completed jobs have been generated into invoices. Often we are asked how come the customer balance doesnt change immediately after the job is completed and the answer to that is because the balance isnt updated until the invoice is generated.
    If there are any further questions on this matter, please ask.


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    Step 1: How to generate your invoices.

    At the end of your billing cycle, click on the "Generate" button and print out all of your invoices. Generating invoices means that Gopher takes all of your completed jobs since the last time you generated and compiles them into invoices.


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      In this example we are going to generate our invoices for the month.

      Invoice Date is the date that will appear on the top of your invoice. You can set this to whatever you want. Line item date range determines which completed jobs will be included in this invoice.

      Click ok when ready.


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        If you had completed jobs for the correctly set a line item date range and customers chosen, you will see this confirmation window, otherwise recheck your settings.


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