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  • Help with installation

    Has anyone else had win32 errors when instaling the trial version of Gopher on a XP platform?

    So far the tech support guys have asked me to try a few things but it appears that the database is not loading properly. Any ideas?

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    Can you try downloading the setup file at and see if the win32 error still occurs?


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      Quote[/b] (Gopher Support @ Oct. 02 2005,2:35)]Can you try downloading the setup file at and see if the win32 error still occurs?
      Hi team,

      I'll try it again, This will be the 4th download I have done so far. I hope this one works....



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        Hey Guy's,
        I downloaded the software from the link that you gave me. Did a complete removal of the previously installed software (including manually removing the folders and cleaning up the registry of all references to the Borland database engine etc) and installed the new software and guess what! Same dam errors. It still appears that the database is not loading even though the services are running.
        Any other suggestions would be appreciated as I like the look and feel of what I have seen and read so far but I would really like to try it before committing to purchasing 2004 pro.

        Just an afterthought... is there any problem running Gopher on a system that has been setup for Australian language and date format? I know that ************* falls in a big heap with the conversion (or should I say non conversion) between Australian and American dates. (known fault, so I'm not bagging them out over it)


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          A big thanks to Mike who helped me over the phone all the way to Australia.


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            Hi tlclismore,

            We sent you an email.
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              Thanks for responding guy's and a big thank you to Mike for solving my problem over the phone.
              Any American company that supports customers in Australia over the phone has to be dedicated to it's customers. The support and service was awsome. I will be buying Gopher just because of the dedicated support team. A BIG yeah for the day from me. *

              Ross Pearce
              Total Lawn Care & Yard Maintenance


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