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    I dowladed the last version of gopher and now the late fees don't work, even tough it creates the dates and all at the time of generating the invoice all it does is creates an extra blank invoice but not late fee on it.

    If i go and check the completed jobs they're are there with dates and everything along with any other completed jobs, but at the time I hit generate invoices it doesn't include the late fee, like I said it generates a new invoice but just blank, and all other completed jobs get created, I went back to check in the completed jobs screen and they still there, I try changing the date it didn't work either, I never had this problem before.

    I have mark where it says "add item to next generate invoice"

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    I just tested the current version and cannot recreate the problem. When you generate late fees the default date for the new late fee line items is today. Is it possible that you generated your invoices for August but the late fees were excluded because their date did not fall within the generate date range?

    You can email your backup ZIP file to if you'd like us to recreate the problem using your data.


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