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  • Updates to the Gopher Software

    Downloaded the Beta version **** works well. I hope you guys will include in your final product:
    1. The scheduling feature should read the days the jobs are scheduled not 1 thru 97 for the week. (We need to be able to do the next job for the following day if time permits the day before.)
    2. Be able to view all invoices, payments, estimates & contracts.

    I dont feel that editing the above mentioned sequences is as important as just having the information in front of you when the client has a question or comment. We can enter any notes into the already available note section under the clients listing.

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    Hi lawnworks,

    Thank you for giving us your insight. What you are using is the initial release of the Gopher Palm software.

    We do plan on adding updates to it in the future and expand its functionality as we do with the Gopher desktop software.
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