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    I'm using the trial version of Gopher, and am having problems with the QB synch.I have installed the 2004 update and QBFC installer. I've followed the intructions that I recieved by email: 1) File | QuickBooks Link | Synchronize with Quickbooks
    2) Tax Codes | Search/Add "TAX" and "NON" sales tax codes (if you don't have them define already
    3) Tax Region | Update Tax Regions
    4) QB Pay Terms | Update Terms
    5a) QB Customer | Import/Update All Customers
    5b) QB Customer | Export Customers to QB
    6) QB Invoice | Create Default Items
    7) QB Invoice | Export Invoices (set a date range or else all invoices will be exported)
    8) QB Payment |
    You can either import payments from QB->Gopher or export payments from Gopher->QB

    I had difficulties with several of the items, which turned out to be because the items weren't the same in Gopher as in QB. It took me awhile to figure out how to rename things, but I did and have now gotten to item 7) QB Invoice/Export Invoices. I keep getting this error:
    invoiceReturn value not assigned.
    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
    <InvoiceAddRs requestID="0" statusCode="3000" statusSeverity="Error" statusMessage="The given object ID "" in the field "list id" is invalid. " />

    Does anybody know what I&#39;m doing wrong? Hmmnn...When I preview this post, I see that not all of the error code is showing. I&#39;ll try it as an attachment.

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