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Flyer I made using gopher template

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  • Flyer I made using gopher template

    Here's a flyer I made last night using one of your templetes, I used just the background basicly and did the rest to fit. Let me know what everyone thinks or what I should add, I was thinking add some coupons somewhere to get more inquires since they will be going out next week (already into the season). I'm going to try sending 5000 of these black and white ones either inserted into the local newspapers or theres a company that puts them in with other flyers and I've been assured I'll be the only lawn service one in the bag and be on top (or on bottom if they flip it). I'm going to see the response from those 5000 and then a month later send out 5000 color flyers that I had my brother make (graphic artist) and see if i get more calls. To send the b&w flyers its a total of .06 cents each printed and delieverd, the color ones would be about .18 cents each. I had to make it 1/2 the size to get it on here so if its alittle distorted thats why. I think it looks ok for a b&w flyer, but color is always better in my opinion.
    \"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run\"

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    Sorry I just noticed i posted this in the wrong forum :blush:
    \"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run\"