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    I am experimenting with exporting gopher into quickbooks. When I did it, it dumped all of my outstanding invoices into my check register. Is it supose to?? I admitt I am new to this and not sure what exactly I am doing. Is there anyway for you guys to post directions or a training video on how exactly gopher dumps into quickbooks, and maybe sugguestions on how to use quickbooks with gopher to maximize both of their potential.

    Also if there is anyone else on the message board sucessfully exporting gopher into quickbooks and Loving it, feel free to post and give me some ideas, because like I said I am not sure what I am doing.

    Thanks so much!

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    Hi J&R Landscape,

    First off, get the latest update of Gopher here. On Gopher's QB screen in the account setup tab you can set up the debit and credit accounts for the exported invoices.

    We are working on a newer update to make this easier and once we have it online we will create training for that.
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