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  • Employee time sheets

    Is there any way to print out and total an employee's hours for the week or pay period.

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    We are developing an employee report but it is not available at this time. Can you tell us what features you'd like to see in this report?


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      I would love to see this happen.

      You could export all info to a spreadsheet like this

      Download time sheet here

      You would be able to print it out and that way you have it on record if your employee needs to check it or whatever.

      But not only weekly results, you would be able to see how many hours per day, week, month, year and be able to generate a report based on that.

      Also being able to check a box if the employee were late and it would be highlighted on the time sheet saying that they were late, yellow highlight for 5-15 min, red for time thereafter. Possiblilities are endless.


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        I would just like to have a report to give to the employee at the end of the pay period so he/she could verify their hours. I like the idea of being able to look at a day/week/month/or year for an individual. I also like the idea of putting the employee cost in a report too. (you have it but no way to print or organize it) Possibly combine that option with gross sales for a day to see where your net profit is.


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