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Importing/Exporting to Quickbooks

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  • Importing/Exporting to Quickbooks

    Hey guys,

    Maybe you can give me a tutorial or show me a tutorial on gopher software exporting to quickbooks??

    I would like to export all of gopher software stuff to quickbooks, but I'm not sure on how to open it, restore it, back it up, save it? etc...???

    If its possible if you guys could give me a step by step procedure on how to export all of gopher's details into quickbooks contractor edition?? ie) customer list, invoices, etc..

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    Hi alpine692003,

    Thank you and that is a great idea!
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      I am trying out the trial verison right now and I would like to import the names from Quickbooks Basic 2005, and I followed all of the steps, yet it still says I/0 Error 103. Can I not do it because its a trial. Thanks


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        Hi tiedeman,

        That usually means Gopher can't find it's database. When does this error occur? Are you able to enter any data into Gopher? If not, go to option and choose database and then make sure the database exists.


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          it does it whenever I try to import the customer list from Quickbooks. I am saving the list properly, because after I have done it Quickbooks says that I have exported the list. But when I try to import the list I still get that error. Yes, the database is there


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            Hi tiedeman,

            When you go to the import customer list screen in Gopher, it displays the full path of the import file name. That is where you have to export the file to from Quickbooks. If you don't save it there, you will get that error.

            Or when you import from Gopher specify the location of the import file name.

            Does this help?


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