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    I seem to be having a probelm updating my software from 2003 to 2004 i save the application and then open it up. *and it says "Unable to complete network host "localhost". Failed to establish a connection. no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it."

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    Hi lawnsrusinc.,

    Can you try re-installing the full Gopher installation and see if that resolves this?


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      Nope No luck tried it 2 times and still says the same thing i evem turned off any firewalls and virus software. Please help as i want to change the payment stub height for my invoices that need to go out.



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        did you make sure to save the update to C:\Program Files\Ditech\Gopher 2003 folder? Then copy a shortcut to your desktop. You do not need to delete the Gopher 2003 file.

        If you just try to run the saved Gopher 2004 file to your desktop it wont run with your database, becauce it cannot find it. You have to make sure to save it to the gopher directory.

        Hope this helps,


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          This was resolved by lawnsrusinc. right clicking on the Gopher desktop icon and then going to properties and then left clicking on a network option.
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