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Does anyone use the "Expense" feature in Gopher?

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  • Does anyone use the "Expense" feature in Gopher?

    If I want to keep a total of expenses for each day and not as a direct cost....How would I do this?

    I don't want to figure out how much gas I used on every property but I want to track all expenses against income for that day.

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    Hi o-so-n-so,

    Go to the expense screen, expense history tab, click new. Enter your expenses as one entry, if that is what you want to do. Or you can enter as many as you'd like for that day.

    Does this help?


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      Yep, thats what I wanted.

      How do I use the "Expense Template" in this feature? Give me an example on how to data entry for a specific item and how it benefits me.

      Thanks for the quick response......Great Software!!!


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        The expense template allows you to define a description and price of a regularly used expense item. Here is an example on how to enter an expense item using the template.
        1) Create an expense category called fuel
        2) Create an expense template called "Fuel for Truck #1"
        3) Create an expense history item, click the "find" button, select "Fuel for Truck #1" from the drop-down box. Specify the date and the amount.

        Then you can run an expense report for a date range and see subtotals for each category.


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