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Multiple Property locations...1 billing address

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  • Multiple Property locations...1 billing address


    I have downloaded the trial version of gopher and was playing around with it and had the following question. I take care of 10 different properties for 1 billing there a way to have all of the different locations, with the work done at each during the billing period, listed on 1 invoice? Otherwise, I would have to enclose 10 separate bills. Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Hi Blade11,

    This is copy and pasted from the F.A.Q. section located here.

    Quote[/b] ]When you enter a customer, click on the property tab and enter as all your customer' s properties.
    When you schedule a job, choose the specific property the job is associated with.
    When you print your invoices, after you "Generate" them, if you the customer has multiple properties, each line item will show the property the service is associated with.
    This will allow you to print out an invoice with all the jobs for the customer's properties. Let us know if you need further help on this.
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