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rename gopher file?

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  • rename gopher file?

    Last day of the year and I would like to know if its possible to change the file names of the zip and gdb files like to 2004records or what ever, then run a fresh 05 record for normal use. I have a lot of one time clients Id like to delete and clients no longer active but would like to keep last years (04) records intact in case I have to open the file for some reason. I tried just renaming them, and opening Gopher but wont work. I also tried doing the backup database using different file names and wont work.


    Thank you and have a good New Year all

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    You can make a backup of your database from File | Backup Database and specify the backup filename as something like which will allow you to restore that data in the future if you ever need it. There's no need to actually rename your working database file. Just rename the backup of it.


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