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deleting old records -balances

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  • deleting old records -balances

    Hello - I had a few months where I did not maintain my gopher software and now have alot of incorrect data for customers that was entered and all the balances are off after deleting job dates and failing to enter the correct info. Question **** Can I just startover with the current customer base .. is thier a "new year" function or some way I do not have to delete line after line of payments,invoices to get all the balances to $0. thanks for your help

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    Hi heelsgo,

    Thank you for your question. Right now there is no way to erase your data in Gopher and leave the customer base. This situation has come up in the past where Gopher users have wanted to wipe the database clean and start over.

    If you wanted to delete everything and start from scratch you could go into your gopher directory and find your gopher2003.gdb file, rename it to old-gopher2003.gdb. Then ctrl-alt-delete and endtask of running ibguard and ibserver programs which run your database. Then reinstall Gopher into your system. This will force Gopher to create a new database.

    If you are going to do this, make sure you write down your company name, security key and registration number so you can re-enter it in the new database.

    Let us know if this helps.
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