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    It seems that gopher does pretty good at charginf the late fee to the customers, the problem is when I export the information to QB I can't find a way to tell QB that it's not a sales tax item, I have to change manually.

    The other problem is that also people with a mailing adress different from the billing QB can not import this invoices.

    Is there anyway to correct this problems?

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    Thank you for pointing this out. We will look into this.


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      Hi there,

      I currently use QB Premier 2004. I am contemplating purchasing your program because of its ability to interface (import and export) to QB. A fair amount of my work is done for managing agents, therefore most of my customers have a "Job At" address (along with Strata number) different to the "Billing Address". As such, the problem indicated in this topic question would affect my ability to use the program as intended.

      1. Have you corrected this problem (or found a work around)?
      2. Have you also corrected the late payment problem (or found a work around)?
      3. Have you any Australian customers?
      4. Does your program allow for our (Australian) tax called GST(or have a work around)?
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