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  • backup

    i did a backup to a cd and tried to install it on my laptop and it tells me windows cannot open the file it needs to know what program created it. how do i open it on my other computer? thanks

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    Hi razorback,

    It sounds like you backed up your gopher2003.gdb file and then are trying to run the database in your new computer.

    Here are some ideas to try.

    Download and install Gopher on your laptop.
    After installation, run Gopher
    Go into your options section and then database and direct Gopher to read from your database file, where ever you saved it to.

    Another thing to check is to right click on your database file on your new computer. Left click on the sub menu's properties section and then see if read only is checked. You want to make sure it is NOT checked.

    If this doesn't help, let us know.

    Thank you