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  • Multiple Jobs

    Hey guys,

    I don't know whether its me not knowing how to use the software or you guys even have this feature..

    I'm trying to add multiple jobs to the customer's scheduled jobs for the day..

    ie) click on schedule
    click on the person you want to view
    Then it takes you to the 5 steps..
    Step 1: Property
    Step 2: Service
    This is where I would like to add on additional services, it seems like I can only add 1 service..

    ie) if I'm doing a lawn service for them and garden bed maint how can I add those 2 services together instead of me manually typing them in!

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    Hi alpine692003,

    You are doing everything correct. The schedule feature is designed to input one job at a time.
    We have made a note of the need to schedule multiple jobs together, in our wish list, for future upgrades.

    Thank you.


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