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  • Organizing daily schedule...

    How can I re-arrange the order in which the daily scheduled tasks are listed? I'd like to somehow be able to put them in order in which I will service them, instead of having to look through the list each time to see what property is closet to the previous job.


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    Hi jwingfield2k,

    You can order the way the customers are printed out in your daily schedule in the "Route" page. Either drag and drop the customers or use the First, Prior, Next, and Last buttons.


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      Yes Gopher Tech that solves only half the problem, you can organize the customers within the route, but you can not organize the actual routes themselves. They print in the order they are entered, so if you add a new route, that route automatically is printed last. Furthermore this is unconvienant, because say you wanted to complete the new route first or second. You can not drag or drop these.

      This is maybe something you can do in a next edition or update if you ever do those sorts of things. Just an idea.



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        you can move each entry up or down the route schedule. Just look in the upper right had corner or the route schedule. It confusing I know. It's not labeled in the best manner for most of us.

        Now if they would just let us change out schedules in the schedule section instead of having to go to the route section. When you have apostponed job it does not allow you top place it in the correct schedule for the route for the day.


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          Hoghunter, Do You mean under the 'Route' Section? Because you can not change the order in which the routes appear on this screen. There is nothing in the upper right hand corner except the license info for gohper.

          Let me know


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            The Route list screen on the latest version has a "sort routes" button that allows you to change the route position, relative to other routes.


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              Why has no one told me that the 2004 Download was available?
              No Email, nuttin...

              But thanks for the link very cool.



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