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  • twice a week client

    Hope Im not askin silly questions here.

    I have 4 clients I service on Mondays and Thursdays. Rest of my
    Monday clients for example when I print Scheduled Jobs come out
    in order I placed them just fine, but my Mon/Thur clients get added under a new route heading. Example:

    ROUTE: Thursday
    1) CUSTOMER: Jane
    2) CUSTOMER: Fred
    3) CUSTOMER: Sue

    ROUTE: Mon/Thur
    1) CUSTOMER: Dave
    2) CUSTOMER: Eric

    However, in example, my stops are Jane, Dave, Fred, Sue, Eric

    Can I put my twice a week clients both on monday and thursday? I think I tried this and when I did the ROUTE, it moved them from one to the other, didnt add them twice.

    Hope I explained this ok.


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    Hi dogduty,

    -Create only one route.
    -Gopher does allow you to choose a specific day a job is to be done, however to have the same job performed twice a week on two specific days, maybe you could schedule two different jobs. Have each job a once a week job on the specific day you choose.

    Let me know if this would this work for you.


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      Not sure I follow you. I tried to put these clients, in the Route
      option, on both Monday and Thursday but wouldnt work.
      My routes are set up by day of week. When I place the clients in order I want my visits to take place, the twice a week clients are out of order and show up under a new route heading when I print the Scheduled Jobs page. Its not really a big deal, I just renumber them in pen. Sorry I get picky with details lol!


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        Hi dogduty,

        Although you can use Gopher many ways, here is a suggestion.

        Create a route for each crew. If you have only one crew, create one route. Order your customers properly in the route page.

        Since you service a customer twice a week, on say tues and thur :

        - Schedule a job for Mr. Jones for once a week on Tuesdays
        - Schedule another job for Mr. Jones for once a week on Thursdays.

        Now you will have Mr. Jones being serviced on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. The daily job schedule will print out the jobs in the proper order because you have already ordered your customers in the route page.

        Let me know if you have further questions.


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          I think it would be an improvement if assignments to routes were not mutually exclusive (or an option to bypass that restrition). This would allow me to assign a 10 day client to Route A one week and Route B on the second week (for example mon with Route A in week 1 and Thu with Route B in week 2). The objective here is to reduce driving time and travel expense per service stop so more of are time can be spent producing revenue. One continous route for all customers does not allow for optimum routing. I have routes set up for normal days, but other larger routes for long days when there are two many rain days in a week and all clients must be serviced in a few long days from dawn to dusk. Flexibilty of the Gopher program needs to consider these common scheduling constraints. If we scheduled in an ideal world, the current way would be fine, but we do not work in an such a hypothetical environment.


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            Hi Lawn Magic,

            Thank you, this is something we need to work on.

            Dog Duty another thing you could do is use the job cluster feature. Set up your jobs for Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday etc. That feature is located in the schedule section.


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              umm, you mean I gotta buy the Plus version instead of the Basic? Gotta think on that one, got 26 days left! I'll give it a look at.



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                Hi dogduty,

                You can do what you need done with the basic version, I just wanted to point out another option.


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                  Hey dogduty,

                  I think the solution for your route problem could be solved in the following manner.

                  In the customer tab, choose the customer that you service twice a week. For their MAIN property, select "monday route" as you have done. Then.....go to the property tab for that customer...copy n paste the main address to the new property. (basically your creating the same address twice, giving you the option to give a different route to the second property.) You can call this 2nd property "Mon/Thur" for a description. Assign the desired route to this property.

                  Now you have the option of giving the same property a different route without changing the first route.

                  Create 2 properties with the same address for one customer and assign routes accordingly.

                  This is how I got around the same problem.
                  I have Lawn Care customers that I also schedule landscape maint. for. I keep my "Lawn Care" route and add "Landscape Maint" route to additional property and I can schedule any day of the week or on the same day if i want without jeopardizing my routes ID's.

                  good luck.........


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