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    I done some land clearing for Mrs. Wacko.
    The first day (10/14/03) I worked 5 hours for a total cost of $500.00. Mrs Wacko paid me $100.00 cash.

    The second day (10/27/03) I worked 1 hour for a total of $100.00

    The third and final day (10/28/03) I worked 2.5 hours for a total of $250.00.

    Now, Mrs. Wacko's total is $850.00 with a payment of $100.00 on the first day of work bringing her total owed to $750.00.

    I am going to let Mrs. Wacko pay the $750.00 balance in monthly payments of $50.00 monthly beginning on 11/10/03 with payments due on the 15th and late after the 25th of each month until paid out which will be 15 payments. 3 payments have been made to date and I have already billed her for Feb. The old program way.

    I just purchased your program in december. How can I go back and set this up, start billing her monthly with a detailed invoice for each payment due and keep the balance owed correct.

    I am very hesitant about asking for help. After 2 days of doing, redoing, deleting, invoicing, more deleting, head scratching, sweating, asking.... why me?, I thought...go ahead and ask the dang question.

    Thanks to all that reply.

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    The first thing you should do is remove the current invoice from your accounts receivable by marking it as Paid (edit the invoice and check the Paid checkbox). *Then on the contract screen set up a $50 monthly contract that lasts for 15 months. *Set the Payment Terms for that customer to 10 days (edit the customer and go to the Billing tab). *Since 10 days is not a predefined payment term, you will first have to create that payment term by going to Options and clicking on the Payment Terms tab. *Then when you use the Generate function, you should see a new invoice for her in the amount of $50. *Her balance will not say $750, but she will eventually be billed that full amount.


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      Got it.....


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