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    I am demoing this software for 30 days. Had a group of customers scheduled for snow removal on the 25th and marked the jobs completed without generating the invoices. How do I generate the invoices now? Help does not exist with the demo. Thanks!


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    Hi Larry,

    The most preferred way to enter snow plow work is to use the matrix feature. You can read more about that here.
    This page here will explain the 7 easy steps to get up and running with Gopher.
    You can download the help file here.

    Quote[/b] ]How do I generate the invoices now?
    Once you have scheduled a job and marked it complete, the job is then moved to the "Completed Jobs Tab" located within the schedule section. This section will show all of your completed jobs that are awaiting to be generated. To create invoices from your completed jobs, click the "Generate" button located on the schedule page and Gopher will combine all of those jobs into their appropriate invoices.

    Let me know if you have further questions and thanks!


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