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    ON Gopher can you generate up sells to be printed on invoices?

    Can this be done with pricing?

    Can all this be done automaticlly?

    Ex: Mrs. Jones aeration $$$$ or don't miss out on aeration this year only $19.95!!!!!!!

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    Hi LawnGodFather,

    Right now Gopher does not have an upsell option built in. We are researching this topic and would appreciate any and all insight you have on this topic.

    1. Ideally how would you like the upsell information to work?
    2. How would you choose which customers get which upsell message?
    3. How would you like the pricing to work?

    Thank you!


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      Dang, now I have to think about this, in order to get it the best way. I get back to you on this.


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        If anyone has any insights as to how they would like to incorporate Upsells into Gopher, please let us know.


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          Would it help if it was linked to the square feet info on the property, So when you pick what up sell you want on the invoices for a certin month, It could generate the prices automaticly for each property?
          So if you want to sell fert. are aeration to 100 cleints, it would be easy.
          I know it doesnt always come down to sqft. but you could always reveiw, them before printing.


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            Hi TurfPro,

            That is a great idea. Please keep us posted if anyone reading this has more insight into this topic.


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              Also how about the ability to input bold print and images in the invoice message area. This would allow the flexability to add upsell messages on the invoice.


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                Thanks Hoghunter for the insight.


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                  Ggopher, I talked to you about this a couple of months ago. I talked to lawngodfather on the phone and I think he is looking for the same thing as I am. Here is a scan of what Ii would like my invoices to look like with out paying $5000+ for the program.

                  I had to scan it in two parts.



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                    Bottom portion of invoice. Here you will see the upsell.


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                      I had trouble posting that last picture, So it might be a little hard to read.

                      You should notice in the middle of the invoice it explaines what was done for the day while also mentioning Aration and it's benefits. Then on the bottom of the invoice on the tear off section, you will notice a place for the customer to check a box to scedule the upsell.

                      The abilty to buy 2-3 copy forms and print with a dot matrix would be a must also.

                      Gopher, I have a few upsell templates if you want to see them? I will email them to you if you want. Email me at and let me know.



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                        Hi Soupy,

                        Thanks! Please send us everything you have to help us get to where you want the software to be!


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                          May I suggest you move this thread to the wish list forum. Maybe it will get more feedback in there.



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                            Like this layout for the invoice.

                            Wouldn't mind having this upsell portion. Very nice.

                            Only question does it autmatically figure the price of each client based on sq.ft price if not how?


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