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  • export customer list??

    What does the export customer list function do? Is that another way to backup your data?

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    The export customer list allows you to export your customer list to a text file that can them be imported into Word or Excel or anything else you may want to do with it. One example is that you can import that file into Word to create mailing labels!
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      This is a question that came up today for creating mailing labels to send out holiday cards. Once you export your data with Gopher to a *.txt file, go into word and search in their help file 'mailing lables.' It will then explain to you how to import a *.txt file for use with mailing labels.


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        If you can't find the exact explanation, maybe this will help.

        "Print mailing labels by merging an address list

        1 Click New to start a new document.
        2 On the Tools menu, click Mail Merge.

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        3 Click Create, click Mailing Labels, and then click Active Window.

        The active document becomes the mail-merge main document.

        4 Click Get Data.

        To create a new list of names and addresses in Word, click Create Data Source, and then set up the data records.


        To use an existing list of names and addresses in a Word document or in a worksheet, database, or other list, click Open Data Source.

        To use addresses from an electronic address book or an Outlook or Schedule+ contact list, click Use Address Book.

        5 After you designate the data source and Word displays a message, click Set Up Main Document.
        6 In the Label Options dialog box, select the type of printer and the type of labels you want to use.

        If your label type is not listed, you can create a custom label size.


        7 In the Create Labels dialog box, insert the merge fields for the address information.


        8 In the Mail Merge Helper dialog box, click Merge.
        9 In the Merge to box, click Printer.

        To print labels for only selected addressees, click Query Options, and then specify criteria for selecting the data records.


        10 Click Merge."


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