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Chemical applicaions

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  • Chemical applicaions

    Our state requires wind speed temp and a few other items to be recorded, how does your program hadel this?

    Also what about generating invoices to be left at the door that include the chemicals used on a property? Or at least a check off spread on the invoice to check off?

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    Hi LawnGodFather,

    Gopher allows you to track weather conditions of the time chemicals were applied. When you generate invoices the chemical that was used on the property is displayed. Your crew's daily job sheets tell the crew what chemical to apply and that can be checked off as it is completed.

    What is your ideal way of tracking which chemicals are applied? Do you leave invoices at the customer's door or send them in the mail?


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      Spread sheet.

      Regular customers, get a what was applied door hanger.

      Just apps get the invoice, but it does not have what I want on it and still have to leave the door hanger.


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