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Cant load Gopher manual

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  • Cant load Gopher manual

    I just laoded the 30 day trail, and really like it so far, But I cant load the manual off the web page. I have adobe reader and have used it before. When I try to load it I get a window that says " There was an error processing a page. Wrong number of argument for a setcolor operator" The problems probally on my end?

    If I load all my cutomer info in the program, will there be any problem loosing the info if I buy the program?

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    Did you try the individual manual chapters? Maybe you can download them cause they are smaller files.

    I just tried the customer manual and it worked.

    If all else fails you can still just read it all online


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      Hi Turf Pro,

      Thanks Xtreme.

      I am having problems with that main file now too. The singular chapter files are working for me though. See if they work for you as we figure out what happened to that file.

      "If I load all my cutomer info in the program, will there be any problem loosing the info if I buy the program"

      You won't lose your data even if your trial ends. The data is still safe. You can also backup your data onto a disk.


      ****** Please back up your data as often as possible. To back up your data in Gopher 2003 click on the top left of the screen FILE | BACKUP DATABASE. A Gopher backup window will appear. Click the folder button to the right where it says "Backup Filename." Choose where you want to send your backup. Most times it will be your a: drive. Once you do this, click the "backup" button located at the bottom right of that window.

      If any errors appear, click the 'disable message result' checkbox.

      If your backup is successful, you will see a window pop up that tells you the backup is complete.

      If you are going to be burning your database onto a cd, use the cd burning software that you have installed on your system already and chose the database Gopher2003.gdb. If you cant find where your database is located, click on the Options section at the lower left of the green bar within Gopher and then choose the database tab at the top. This will show you where your database resides. ******


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        The manual loaded on my second try.


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