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  • Double Line Items!

    I just noticed tonight when i was fiddling around with the report view that some dates showed up twice for days mowed.
    something like

    05/20/2003 Mowed and Trimmed $price
    05/20/2003 Mowed and Trimmed $price

    However when i generated my invoices this did not occur. I know exactly what happened. When i first started using Gopher i would use the schedule feature, then i would mark them complete as the mowing day passed. However, as the month progressed i was also (each week) adding the mowing to an existing invoice. I then would print and mail the invoice that i had manually created. I was not using the Generate Button to automatically create my invoices, and in doing so, the records are my database 2x.

    I plan on re-doing my Gopher 2003 install and re-creating my customers and properly entering job dates now that i'm starting to fully understand the programs capabilities

    Just figured i'd give everyone else a heads-up on this situation cause i think it was a pretty easy mistake to make as a beginner.

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    Thanks BSDeality for sharing that insight with us!


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