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  • phone number in invoice

    How can I get my phone number in my invoice? Is there any way to do that?

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    This is the way it worked for me, I hope this helps you.

    Go to Options then click Company.

    After I put my adress I left a space in blank then I put my telephone number and e-mail.

    You can also put it under stub text or invoice message, you might want to try differnt things and see the results.


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      Another way is to use MS Paint (or another like program) to make a bitmap file with your Logo (optional), Name, address, phone, email if desired, etc. You can choose your favorite fonts for each lline. Then go to options. Check "Use company logo...". Uncheck "Display company name...". Use "Select Company Logo..." to locate the file you made. I've tried all the possibilities and this offers the most flexibility. It will take some trial and error to get what you want from MS Paint, however. (Use "save as" in MSPaint and select 24bit bitmap as the file type.)


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        That sounds like a good idea lawn magic, have any more tips for gopher?

        Do you sometimes have the feeling that you take all the time to answer somebody's question and wonder if they even read the reply? I sure don't see any thak you!


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          Yes that was a good idea! I am going to do that. Thank you! I have learned a lot from this forum, even on topics that I didn't think of asking.


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            Thanks all for the great responses I am sure anyone who has ever wondered the best way to go about this, is appreciative.


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              Thank you's are not required (but appreciated). Feedback from other users helps to guide and improve everyones future posts. This forum can help shorten eveyone's learning curve in many areas. The brainstorming effects generate even more ideas. Even the writer of a post benifits; because writing forces you to organize your thoughts about the subject and results in more in-depth understanding of that subject.
              You have also reminded me not to forget to give positive feedback on other's ideas that I find useful, thanks.


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