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    How can I export invoices and payment to quickbooks and have the sales tax apply to the current county, and also the payments apply to the correct invoice?

    I love gopher, cause it speeds up my invoices, but having to manually check all invoices and apply the sales tax to the current county and payment to the correct invoice is somehow time consuming, when you do over 200 invoices monthly.

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    Thanks for pointing that out. Yeah we are gonna have to update the software. Here are a few things that we have found so far to be a limit of quickbooks link, that we can't export a payment and have it assigned to a specific invoice, this is something we have to take up with quickbooks however we are going to get the sales tax for multiple regions in the import working. One other limitation we have found with quickbooks too is that it will only accept one tax region per invoice. This may or may not effect you depending if your invoices are one invoice per property.
    But all in all, if you can think of an idea for the wish list, it can ultimately happen. The most important thing is getting that idea out here on the board and then we can take it from there, so thank you.


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      I want to set up Quickbooks to work with Gopher. Could anyone explain how Customers and Multiple Properties from Gopher are treated in Quickbooks? Do I need to define Customer: Jobs first in a special way or is that setup automatically when I import invoices and payments?
      Any other guidance about setting up Quickbooks would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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        Does quickbooks even have a way to use multiple properties like Gopher? I haven't tried that.


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          So far I have been setting up Customer: Jobs in Quickbooks as this example:
          .Smith, S
          * *.172 Indian Pk
          * *.218 Dude Dr
          * *.514 Dude Dr
          .Jones, A
          * * .property1
          * * .property2
          .Doe, J (123 Main St.)********single prop w/the prop address entered into the shipping address and billing address
          So far that works by entering sample invoices under the property. the total of all property invoices show up in the main customer balance and the indidual invoice amounts for each property are totalled in the Job Name (property). I also changed the invoice template's label for "Shipping Address" *to "Service Address". The Reports look good. But I don't know if Gopher will export it this way. Gopher Tech, can you help? Will this work or is there a better way?


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            Gopher does not currently send property information to QuickBooks. *But perhaps we can associate each exported line item with a Job that has the same name as the property description. *Would that be better for you?


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              Yes, I think it would at this point in my experience with QuickBooks and Gopher. (that may change after my accountant looks at what I've done so far. )


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