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    When I add a new service, "sales tax 2" is checked by default. Is there a way to have it not be checked each time I add a new service? Oops, i misspelled the topic of this post: pls correct gopher tech

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    By default both sales taxes are checked by default. If you do not charge a 2nd sales tax, you can then set the sales tax 2 to 0% and it wont effect anything. Please advice if you find otherwise.


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      Sales tax (one) comes up unchecked and Sales Tax 2 is checked on the Add new service screen in my copy of the program. Currently there is no tax in our state for services and I just pay the tax on materials and get reimbersed with no markup. Not a big deal, but is there a way to change the default to both unchecked?


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        When I am doing my testing, both sales tax 1 and 2 are checked when I choose to add a new service. version 3.1.14
        On my Options page, tax region tab, I have sales tax set up for tax service % and material %. But nothing for service %(2) and material %(2).
        But right now there is no way to set a default value for the sales tax 1 or 2 being checked or not.
        Maybe we should have that in there!


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          This just a minor item so I can live with it. The only other thing I remember doing is I had unchecked both taxes in the default service. Maybe this accounts for only one tax coming up checked. Thanks.


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            Ok here is what I am doing. I go to the service page, click the new button, a service setup window appears and on the service tab (Charge Tax) and (Charge Tax 2) are both checked. Maybe I am doing something differently than you are?


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