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job clusters and snow plowing?

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  • job clusters and snow plowing?

    Does anyone use job clusters for their scheduling? I just downloaded Gopher and I saw that you can use it for snow plowing so I want to figure that out. How do you set it up right?

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    Job clusters are good to use when you want to either quickly schedule a group of jobs into your schedule at once on a specific day. Or in other words, if you want to quickly schedule all your monday jobs, tuesday jobs etc you can do it this way if you'd like.
    You can also use it for something like snowplowing. If you already know what you are charging your customers and which specific services they are going to recieve then you can preschedule them into a 'snow plow' job cluster. Pay careful attention to choosing "None" for the Cluster Day. When it snows and you want to populate your schedule with your snowplow jobs, simply come back to the job cluster tab, edit your snow plow job cluster and then click on the "Set Next Date" button. Choose today and it will populate today with all the jobs in your snow plow job cluster. You can then go to your job calendar and print out your daily jobs which now will include all your snow plow jobs.
    Another thing to keep in mind is that you can use the Matrix feature for such things as snow plowing. To find out more on that feature, use the search button at the top of this screen to read posts on the Matrix.


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