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What is the MATRIX ? LOL

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  • What is the MATRIX ? LOL

    Hey now I am playing with the matrix. What do you use that for?

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    You can use the matrix for jobs where you dont know whats gonna be done untill you get to the site. The main gopher page has a link to training to show you how to use it for snow plowing. I think its gonna help me alot this winter. You can also use it for spring or fall cleanups.
    Basically it is a list of the customers you have chosen that say for instance get snow plowing. It has a grid next to the person's name that let's you check off which service you provided to the customer on site. The grid of services is a list of services you have pre-defined when you create your matrix.
    Then when you get back at the end of the day, you click on the complete matrix button and it lets you quickly mark all the jobs you did as complete. All you have to do is double click on the corresponding box in the grid that you have checked off at the job site.
    It totally is a time saver. Before they had this feature, you basically had to schedule in each single job you did as a one time job and then mark that complete and that took forever!
    So its worth learning how to use!


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      Xtreme Lawns, please check out our example of using the Matrix feature by going to our main webpage and going to the online training section, then click on the Matrix section.


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