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Contract / Estimate difference???

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  • Contract / Estimate difference???

    A question arose recently as to the difference between what the purpose of a contract versus an estimate in Gopher is.
    The contract feature is used when you want to set up say for instance a monthly fee that you are going to be charging a customer regardless of how many times you cut their lawn. Set the contract up and then it will create a monthly line item in your invoices when you generate them. Remember you still need to schedule in your jobs if you want them to appear on your daily job sheets, just dont charge the customer a fee for each cut. Set the fee to $0 so they arent double billed.
    The estimate feature allows you to present a potential customer with an estimate you have made for a service they have asked for. If the estimate is approved, you can click on the 'convert to invoice' button to roll that estimate over to being an invoice.

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