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    I'm new to Gopher 2003 and this forum. So, I don't know if I am relaying something everyone already knows. But, I found something very useful on the net that will potentially solve some of the problems I have had so far.
    When I print a report in Gopher 2003 and save the output to a file, the format used to save it is a Rave Snapshot File with and extension "*.ndr". Previously, I could not find a way to view this file or import it into another program like Excel or Word.
    Last night I found a free reader program available for download from:

    This Program not only lets you read the Rave Snapshot File, but it allows you to save the output into various other formats including Excel, Word, Adobe PDF and numerous others.
    Please let me know if you found this information useful. Thanks, Tom

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    Thats really interesting, what would you do with that though?


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      For one use, I can export the day's invoices to an Excel speadsheet to make further calculations. In particular, I use subcontractors and pay them a percentage of the service revenue from each invoice. So, I can make those calulations in this spreadsheet without having to re-enter all the Info. Hopefully, I will be able to automate this function.
      Also, it will allow one to combine and/or customize any of the standard reports generated by the Gopher program. Tom


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        you could also export it and then convert it to word or similar and email a proposal, contract or invoice to any customer that gives you an email address to use and save yourself $.37 and a few days of delivery time.


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          Tom & BSDeality,
          Thanks for sharing those post with everyone! I am sure everyone here appreciates your post as well. This is what the forum is all about. Sharing ideas gives up direction to serve you better.
          Thanks again!


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