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    We had someone named Mark helping us but have not heard back from him so does anyone know the answers? I have to get the billing out asap. THANKS!!

    Originally Posted by Shark1611
    Hi Mark,

    This is Reed's wife. I do the billing for him and we have just started using the Gopher billing program. We have the customers and April invoices entered. When I tried to print out the statements, they did not print out the way they should, so I have obviously done something wrong. Here is an example:

    I entered 4 invoices for 4 mowings on 4 different dates to Mr. Smith. When I printed up Mr. Smith's statement, it listed 3 of the mowings as Previous Balance and printed up 1 mowing as current. The totals are correct, but the breakdown is incorrect.

    It did this to all customers with multiple mowings.

    Can you tell me what I did wrong and how do I fix it so I can get the billing corrected and sent out?

    Thanks so much for your help!


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    It sounds like you generated invoices already prior to the last mowing. Never generate until the end of the month when your ready to do the invoice for the customer. As long as the amount owed is correct I wouldn't worry to much about it for this month.


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      Here is a link to the gopher tutorials


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