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  • Psycho Girlfriend, lol

    So I came home & checked the response to my previous entry, I'm happy you all enjoy!!!! I am still laughing lol.


    My girlfriend & I have had a tough relationship, personally I'm a horrible boyfriend & don't care about "feelings". I'm the type of guy to yawn at the word love.

    So my girlfriend took me on another one of her adventures with her friends. We took the bus & metro just in case I couldn't get out of traffic.

    Like one of her previous plans with her friends, "lets go buy a few movies & junk food, and go watch it at *** house" ... I'll just let you know NONE of them brought money, so I went back home wondering if they are all brainless.

    Today was "Canada Day" .. err... hurray?

    So today was supposed to be full of fireworks & Jazz music down town.

    I knew the weather called for thundershowers, so I already knew I was stepping into a battlefield.

    We took a drive to this said location where people would gather around to see fireworks... I had to ask her every second for directions, ones she didn't know. Eventually we found the spot, & it was empty, nothing happening.

    So I laughed knowing it's "one of those days"..

    Next plan, the Jazz festival!

    I left the truck at home, tired of wasting gas. And we all took the bus/metro.

    We got to the jazz festival & I got grumpy, I was hungry. I was walking around for hours trying to find food with all of her friends saying, "oh foods in here, foods in there" only for it to be a random shop.

    I snapped & said, "why don't you girls ever say something with truth in it? I'd rather you say that you think something, instead of act like you know something"

    so after an hour had passed, one said, "I think that's a mall, we can eat at the foodcourt" I said, "for the love of god, thank you. For once I wont be pissed off, even if it's not a mall"

    so before we entered the mall, it started to rain.. = why do I want to stand in the rain & listen to jazz music?

    So we ate, & I said, "what is the plan?"

    NONE of them had a plan, yet I was invited to join them. My girlfriend then called me an ******* for not having a plan. So I said, "well, I'm not interested in staying, so I'm going home." I told my girlfriend she could stay, yet she persisted on arguing with me, not letting me leave.

    (The story gets better here)

    As her friends get up to buy a drink, I make my way to the metro to get home. My girlfriend follows & I say to stick with her friends, it's not fair to them, yet she didn't care.

    So she shoved me to stop for 1000 miles & the closer I got to freedom, the worse she'd get.

    It got to the point where I was at an exit & she jumped at me & attacked me, so I shoved her off me & she ... flew on the floor. (don't get any bad ideas guys)

    I told her to leave me alone, & to stop arguing with me.

    Then the words of dark magic were said, "If you leave, I will call the cops & say you raped me"

    I never laughed so hard, so I put it to the test. I said,

    "sounds good, let's go find one & get it out of the way, shall we? I'd like to go home"

    So I left the metro & roamed the streets waiting for her to calm down, her friends called my cell & she refused to answer. I told her to call them back & be with them, & to stop being a horrible friend.

    She refused, & on we walked.

    On this walk she did nothing but shout all sorts of crap at me.

    Across an intersection, a couple of cops were standing by.

    I said, "oh look, finally! Let's go tell them I raped you!"

    She said, "NO! Were going the other way!"

    I said, "I'm getting on the metro, or we're talking to the police"

    So we got the light to cross the street, though the cops had walked off.

    She said, "the metro is ahead of us"

    instead I said, "Oh look another cop, lets tell him, you think I joke around?"

    I walk up to the cop with her pulling on me & in tears, & I ask him, "Do you know where the metro is?" LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    So I laughed & she said, "i didn't lie, I told you first that the metro was there"

    and I said, "You also said you'd tell the cops I raped you if I was going home, which makes your word mean jack all"

    so we go in the metro & she runs ahead of me & waits for a train.

    I pay my share & make my way to the train, we both go on different carts...

    We get off the train & head to the bus, the bus comes in 30 minutes, (i hate the bus)

    We get on the bus & she sits in the front, & I sit in the back, (pretty woman in the back )

    So 2 stops before we have to switch buses, she gets off and walks into the distance, I pretend I didn't even see her & stay on the bus.

    I get off the bus & walk home, (don't wanna waste time waiting for a bus)

    Instead I decided to walk to my girlfriends mom's home, to explain the situation.

    Her mom was serious & explained to me that she has always been crazy & violent with her, that if there's a problem to call her. Etc. She's on my side.

    My girlfriend on the other hand, is somewhere. I'm waiting for her to come bash my window in, or something crazy...

    Worst case scenario, she's telling cops I raped her, & I have no idea where to take it from there.

    Any suggestions from everyone, including our lawn service/ cops on this board....

    I've wanted to break off with her for about a year now, but her threats weren't worth the trouble, I just wanted to work & ignore her.

    The more time that passes, the more I forget that I want to break off with her, until she acts out next time. It's a stupid cycle & I'm too careless to give a damn about a resolution.. Just like our relationship, I'm too careless to be in one...

    I told her I treat everything as business, get in my way & your fired, that's it. I have given her chances to break up with me, yet she's possessive & doesn't want to.

    I was thinking of cheating & making it obvious, but once again I'm too careless to cheat LOL, I'm really not interested about her problems when I'm running a business. Nothing phases me.

    She can call me and tell me something horrible & I'll just say, "uh-huh, so deal with it, I really don't give a damn"

    My patience = 0.00%

    All of my ex girlfriends have turned psycho as well, I wonder why...

    I treat them like workers, if It has nothing to do with profit or work being done, I don't care, it has to be something productive to be interesting...

    "Scott, I'm going to fail this test"

    - So study & stop wasting time whining to me.

    "what should I do?"

    - Ask someone who's not careless of problems that can be dealt with - with common sense.

    I can be an ***... but if you were in my situations, you'd really think I'm a hero for sticking around rather then blowing up.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy the story of the day, LMAO!!!

    So I continued walking as my girlfriend called me every name in the book

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    OH NOOOOES!!!!!!


    Just my FRIGGEN luck!

    I forgot that she had missed her period for a long time now!

    What a disaster!

    I'm going to listen to "stairway" to heaven now, it's a great song...


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      why do I want to stand in the rain & listen to jazz music?
      LOL because that is fun! HAHAHAHHAHHA

      I'd stand in the rain any day to watch this group LOL

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        LOL!!! Steve made my day!

        & what a day it is!

        I went to my girlfriends to get my shovels & spades etc...

        Now I've been roaming around her house waiting for her to arrive.. I want all my stuff back!!!

        Every time she comes over I'm missing a shirt, and I end up with her girly socks.

        When I see her I should say something like, "We're over because you don't like grass" just to confuse her at the end...

        Suggestions are welcome...

        or... "The beer I'm having decided it's time, I find more happiness in my bottle then a second with you"

        maybe, "we can't be together because you take up the time I need to clean the crap off the underside of my mower" OUCH!

        I've been to the Jazz festival with the guys, & it's always more fun, ever puke with your best friend by your side puking his brains out as well? Good times/poor random toilet... With the girls, you wont be able to pay off your credit card... strange... it's like they find problems the more they exist. "oh no, i left my purse in & so "

        "oh no, i need an extra few bucks I forgot my *other* money"
        "Im hungry, but ill just get a pogo, its all I can afford"
        i end up being generous because pogo's awesomeness can only go so far, you need at least 3 to make it work.
        1 pogo = ketchup ...
        1 pogo = mustard...
        1 pogo = ketchup & mustard

        I had to buy her some... I mean, I was the only one there eating a club sandwich with extra fries & chicken wings & I felt bad.. & I only share if I'm flirting.. wait scratch that.. I only share if it's not a club sandwich, that's all mine.

        While walking around my ex's house looking sketchy, I came across this good looking girl walking her dog. She was in a cast though, wonder what's up.

        I should go up to her & be like, "Nice cast, can I pet it?" hahaha.

        Here's a video you'll all be questioning..
        <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

        weird people out there!


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          ok things just got serious.

          I went to her home & I asked for my stuff. Right away she says, "I don't owe u anything until you pay me for my work (additional $50)"

          I paid her $100.00 last night, & now she's saying I owe her a total of $150.00, for working 6 1/2 hours. She only makes $10.00/hr, I GAVE HER EVERYTHING for being a good sport! How can she complain?!?! God damn, never get a girlfriend involved in your business. My other weeder has more common sense then her.

          So basically she didn't let me in, so I stormed in & took the uniform I had given her to work in.

          She fought me all the way around the house, & her mother was trying to cool her down... eventually we got outside & I ate her brothers bike.. a large branch etc... it sucked...


          Ok, the bid on the job was actually $115.00, though we were unable to do a bit of the work due to construction, so I charged $100.00.

          She mixed 115 with 150, when the price was actually $100.00

          Her mom said she'd let her know.

          Damn I'm proud of my brain!

          I'm home & confused, she ran off "into the wild"

          I hugged her mom & told her I would miss her, she cried & wished me the best. I apologized that I could only go so far, & that she was doing the best she could.

          And that's it....

          NOW about this money I supposedly owe her... This is driving me up the wall.... I guess taking her out to fancy restaurants & a movie twice a week makes me selfish enough to hold back on money she hasn't earned....
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            Dang I am glad that I am not the only one with issues with females.....

            So I talk to my female acquaintance last night. No, not a girl friend but a female acquaintance that I thought was as close to me as a sister..... she said lets meet for lunch tomorrow. I said ok. she said she would call me in the morning. I know she is in pain, needs back surgery in a few weeks, etc. but I had heard nothing so about 0930 i send a text to her trying to be nice. she said she had not slept all night and was in pain. i said do you want to put it off until another day. no answer, 3 1/2 hours later i am still waiting to hear from her. I sent her several texts and tried to call her......

            nothing. zip. nile. nothing what so ever.

            this is the 4th time in about a week or 2 that she stood me up. the 3rd time this week alone...... one of those times she sent me a text about 330 pm sayign she just woke up and sorry for the lunch date thing......

            This gets OLD...... VERY OLD INDEED


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              This gets OLD...... VERY OLD INDEED
              I hear you loud & clear.

              There was this girl I hung out with a few times, well she was a girlfriend for a few weeks until I decided she's not that good looking & ... well, my man instincts only wanted one thing.

              She's send me texts saying how she wanted to come over, bla bla, do things...

              Every time she comes over it's NOTHING. She makes me feel like a creep lmao.

              So after 3 times I struck gold & I never contact her... Holy crap I'm mean.

              We actually communicate a tad, I just don't take what she says seriously... All talk & no play. Boo!

              I once dated a mime... Well, she had a speech impediment.

              I dated her years ago when she looked decent, then we chatted years after & decided to meet up.

              I meet her & she's apparently gone GOTH on me... what a shame... wearing all black, white white glow in the dark skin. Black eyeliner... Died black hair..

              So she couldn't talk & looked like a mime... = the mime.. it was like dating a corpse...

              I could go on about ex girlfriends, great topic man!


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                my boss and I are friends so we were talking about this. I told him very clearly that we are not, were not, and never will be, boyfriend/girlfriend. He said, "it don't matter. they all have the same technology..."



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