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  • What's my problem?

    So my flyers & business cards have been sent out all over, a lot of my cards need to be restocked in stores because they are almost all gone.

    yet no calls?

    I only have a few days left, I can only do so much.

    I'm mass producing flyers again & plan to send them out to the other areas of my starter city.

    I myself have walked door to door handing out 7000 flyers & I'm losing it!

    I don't wanna be out for weeks with these flyers so I'm gonna just start a.s.a.p without stopping until they are all out!

    I'll give you guys some amateur shots of my flyer & card, you can tell me what the **** I'm doing wrong.



    This is insane. I'll share a picture of where my flyers are, & where I'm heading to:



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    Alright, so I decided to confront my snow removal customers. They have all received my flyer, but once they knew it was me "Scott" it's like they insisted on hiring me.

    I told them, "the starting price for lawn service is $420.00, but because your you, & you helped me out during winter, it will only be $400.00"

    You can't beat that price unless your a bigger prick than I am, but hey, they were my winter customers!

    I have tons of appointments next week...

    I guess I learned something, call people & SELL yourself!

    I'm going to listen to this song now,


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      You are doing a fantastic job. What you are doing with your flyers and business cards is good, however, you will find more success selling people to people. Selling to those you know or those that know you.

      Here you picked up the phone and tried to sell to people who are existing customers and what happens? Bingo you are in!

      This is great!

      Now next what you can do is work the neighbors of your customers. Tell them you are services Mr. Jones lawn and you would like to service theirs too.

      What is next on your list of things to do? I'd love to hear it.
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        I'm not sure what to do next, I'm low on ideas... hmmm... Any suggestions?

        BUT, I did just pick up my new blower!!!

        STIHL : BG 56 C-E

        It works great! I bought a six pack of oil & got a 2 year warranty!


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          Keep up the good job and you will be rewarded. Believe me.

          One thing that I did was to have a business card made from Vista Print. Sorry to you all printers here, this was before I found this site. It had one hundred dollar bills fanned out on the front with my name, phone # and a Quote “I’m here to save you money”. On the back it said “Refer a friend or anybody and you will get $10.00 off your next invoice as long as there is an agreement with that client. Also it said that there is no limit to your referrals, the more referrals, the more you get back. People love getting MONEY!

          It has worked out well so far.

          I gave them to my clients, family, friends and anyone who I talked too about the lawn business.

          I hope this helps you out.



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