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No checks and balances lead to no cash.

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  • No checks and balances lead to no cash.

    Every once in a while I talk to this pizzeria owner who has four pizzerias. He spends time at his different locations to keep tabs on everything. However he can't be everywhere at once and I noticed that when he is not around, the employees just lose their minds when it comes to coming up with a price for the food.

    I ordered a bunch of food the other day and I know the bill was gonna be around $40. When I get to the pizza place, there are two employees with a guy about 18 or so running the cash register. He can't find the price for this item or that item. He is looking through the menu and then just types in whatever numbers that pop into his head.

    When he has finished ringing up the order it comes out to $24.00. My jaw just dropped. How the heck did he figure this out. So then I say to him, that can't be right. I go through the order list and he forgot like half of the items. The total ended up being $38.00.

    My gosh! Can you imagine you are thinking you are going to expand your pizza empire and rent all these locations and then not have any checks and balances to make sure customers are paying for what they are ordering?

    If this employee does this on every order, he is basically giving everyone a 50% discount on their food! If in general 30% of the food price is the cost to buy it, another 30% covers overhead and the last 30% is the profit, this employee just blew the profit and more than half of the overhead costs!

    These things really need to be thought out before you just let anyone have free reign over the cash register!
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