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Customer wants to check you with the BBB first

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  • Customer wants to check you with the BBB first

    Have you ever had a customer that wanted to check you out with the Better Business Bureau first before they hired you? Yikes. To me that always seems like trouble is on the way.
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    I tell them to go right ahead -

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    DJ Carroll
    EasyPro Property Services


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      could be trouble but on the other hand they could have been scammed by a fly by night contractor or been screwed real bad by previos lco you never know. i agreee that 75% it could be a pain in *** customer but there are a few esp older people who r worried abut being taken advantage of.

      in my opinion the bbb is a scam but my opinion doesnt really matter so.
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        When I hire a contractor or a sub I check, see what if any issues there have been. I have never had a customer ask but if they wanted to, more power to them.
        Halifax, Nova Scotia


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          I would also say have at it.. I have used it myself to check out some asset companies from out of state that wanted to hire us for foreclosure rehabs.
          Durgin's Lawn & Landscape LLC