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  • The end is here I guess ...

    Well, It's been rough for me to get my business off the ground AGAIN. I had it going pretty good in Florida, but because of my ex wife and I breaking up I had to move back to Georgia where I tried to start a Landscaping company. Much smaller, but I did it.

    Well, earlier this month my trailer got stolen ... I guess screw it I'm just gonna give up. I don't have the money anymore to keep putting it into a business only for others to take my equipment. I've done nothing but study about landscaping for the past 4 years I guess. Worked for everybody else to learn too. After starting my first company in Florida, investing everything than some into it just to have it all took in the divorce. Came to Georgia and worked hard for more equipment (no where as nice, or really "proper" equipment) just to get it stolen. I can't keep doing this.

    If you live in North East Georgia, here's a picture - But honestly I think it's gone forever.

    Are there any landscapers in NEGA, or BETTER YET in the Tampa Bay/Clearwater area who might hire me? I would love to be able to move to Florida (to be closer to my daughter) in Jan./Feb. And have a job waiting for me. Any help would help. If I can't do something in Landscaping than I'm going back to Bridge & Tunnel Demolition and Repair.

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    Sorry to hear that. That sucks man. Maybe the police might find your stuff. You never know. If you keep serial numbers hand it over to them and the pawn shops. Some stuff might turn up.

    That was a open trailer. Did you keep everything on it? In season I keep a truck parked in front of mine and in winter a plow.

    I can get you some construction work in west palm beach but that is ways from tampa.


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      Yeah, I kept EVERYTHING on it. I have two peices of papers I keep for ALL equipment of repairs and how many hours/miles are put on it, etc. etc. I turned it all over to them. Problem is, since it's under 800 pounds it can be Titled as a Home made trailer. I haven't forward it to any pawn stores, auction houses, or anythign like that. I was thinking about it but figured it'd be a lost cause.

      I didn't have anything on it since my grandfather asked me (more like told since I said no cause I don't like the people. Lol) to loan it to his friend's to move their son. I left it with a lock over on his other property in the city. It was, I believe an inside job because the property in the city limits, is on the edge and it's up on a hill and there are woods where you'd HAVE to know it was there. After living on the property for 5 years, no one just drives up there other than the mailman or visitors.

      Yeah, WP is a bit travel. My daughter lives in Pasco Co. So I'd like to live there or in a connecting county. No more than an hour or two away you know. I grew up in construction. So there's no problem there, but since I'm 27 years old and had back surgery last year and have the knowing I really want to find a job with less physical work such as a foreman or so. Use my mind more than my body you know. I don't want to wake up when I'm 50 with nothing you know. I am tried of being used to do ALL the work and not even be able to pay my bills cause the owner is scum. I have a thing now a days where I got a goal, If I work under the table I refuse to work for less than 100 dollars a day if I'm doing physical work.

      At 27 years old with a family, I can't work for 60 dollars a day and make some one else 3000 dollars in one day doing like a SOD job. When I'm the only one doing it, and the owner is off bsing with the owners bitching at me to hurry up cause he wants to get home so he can watch his TV show. It just doesn't work for me. You make more than 60 bucks a day off welfare doing nothing. lol But, I've never been on welfare and don't plan on it either. I'm not trying to picky cause beggers can't be choosers and I will for sure work with people but point is I'm not going to be abused and used anymore.
      I worked for this dude who is total scum, HEAVENLY BOUND LLC. (landscaping company out of Palm Harbour Florida), you can't start any equipment before 7am. Well we had this one job where his dumbass took it, but forgot to get the keys to the parking lot in the back of the building. They didn't open till 8am and it was 15 minutes till, instead of waiting the moron MADE me (treatened to fire me if I didn't) to go up a 12 foot fence with PRISON razor wire with a ladder carrying a weedeater and jump on the other side. Cause he didn't want to wait 15 minutes because of HIS mistake. When I took the job he promised to put me on the books and give me workers comp and all that, but never did. I could have really got hurt or died if I slipped into the razor wire and none of my medical would have been covered. he would have just left me I'm sure and denied ever hiring me. I give 130% to any job and always have, but since I am almost 30 years old, If I, as an employee, am not treated right - than you're going to get what you paid for. I dunno if that is wrong for me to think this way but honestly I'm so sick of being mistreated by employers because they know you need the money and all they are thinking of is making the most money for themselfs.

      edited - the dude still owes me for two months of pay, and because he just put all the checks and cash from the clients into his personal bank account and lived from "check" to "check" he got from clients he rarely paid me on time and it was normally shorted. I've worked for so many like this. That's why I started my own company. I never ask someone to do something that I wouldn't do first, and my employee's are the FIRST to be paid. Lunches paid for most of the time, I provide the little things like the water/ice crackers/jerky. I mean the employee's are the one who MAKES you the money, who KEEPS your company in check and tuned. Keep them happy, treat them well (but not pampered where they use you) and they will want to stay with you and when you have a team that's been together for a long time thing just work like clockwork and you don't' have to be there 24/7 to supervise cause you know it's being done right, and if there is a problem they are able to solve it on their own. I dunno, I'm just mumbling now. It is a big pet peeve of mine I guess. There are business owners out there that shouldn't be allowed to own a business cause they just screw it up for the rest of the business's out there.
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        I had a few things stolen but nothing like that. I had a few small problems so now I have a camera on my stuff. It only records when motion is detected. Its small enough that noone really notices it. I keep trucks with plows blocking the drive way. It looks like a roadblock.

        Right around 4th of july my tires were slashed and 2 trimmers were taken. I know it was someone I worked with but nothing ever came of it.

        A few months after that someone took a pressure washer that I had in a workers portable garage. I kept stuff before and nothing ever happen but this time someone stole it. The pump didnt event work but I was going to use the engine for a walkbehind trimmer.

        Then about a week ago someone took a plow controller out of a truck. Fisher doesnt stock it so I ordered one for $350 and I wont have it if any of these 3 storms pan out this week. So I have $10,000 in equipment stuck in a parking spot. Then what happens to compensate I have to give subs more work. So if it was one of my guys again they just earned themselves time off.

        I agree with you about so much of that ****. I went through all the bs with employers. Guys making 20gs a week then not giving raises because the economy when you do 90% of the work and run the damn crew. I been passed over, step on and taken advantage to the point of brink.

        Now I flipped the script. Now I have people do all the work. I make all the money. At least I appreciate them and dont give em ****. I have a few guys that bust *** but pissed off everyone else. I had to get rid of them because I dont want that work environment where you want to kill the guy next to you.

        I have problems keeping employees and I'm like the coolest mofo to work for. Most my guys are low on cash so ill pay them at the end of the day and take it out of their check. Then they dont show up the next day or there not ready when I show up. Dealing with employees is a pita. I buy lunch sometimes breakfast, coffee, water, etc. Then i hear something like I worked 6 hours and 12 mins I should get paid for 7.

        I wish you the best of luck. You should start over. Its not that costly to get in the business again.


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          I am sorry about your trailer getting stolen.

          Can you take a few days, try to enjoy Christmas and then come back with a plan to push forwards with it all? I know you can do it if you want to. Keep us posted what you are thinking when you get back to us.
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            Honestly, I just don't have the money for it anymore. I'd love nothing more but hell, right now I don't even have a mower cause my grandfather asked me to loan it to the SAME people and they broke it. Than my other one, well it's in the same boat.
            If I can't find help from someone (which I've yet to able to) than I'm screwed.


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              This story has touched my heart.

              I'm really sorry for all of this, and I hope that there is a way to make things right:

              If you have a website going, you should add a donation button on a page that explains your story (via PayPal), and maybe some of us here would be willing to share some of our Christmas money with you.

              I think this is what the future of Gopher should be, complete support for our comrades who get the crap end of the stick.

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                I thank you alot, that's kind of you but I couldn't take any money from y'all guys, or anyone for that fact. I don't even take money from this country (welfare) but I will for sure take anybody's help who might want to gimme a job or helps me find a job!?! I'll work for my money.
                I'd really like to find someone who would let me work for them, and at the same time buy the company from them with monthly payments or something to that effect. But it's rare for someone who'd want to do it. I'd be willing to relocate if the job position and pay are good enough. I currently live in Sautee Nacoochee, GA. I wouldn't mind moving to WA. lol I'd like to move back to Florida though. I am tired of it here anyway's. I know the Florida and Georgia plant base and pretty much anything Landscaping related to this region of the country.


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                  you should add a donation button on a page that explains your story
                  Scott that is a great idea. You just got me thinking. Why not contact the local press about what happened and tell them your story. Let them know how all your equipment and trailer were stolen and it messed up your business. I bet viewers watching would love to help by hiring you to do work for them.

                  In fact if I recall correctly, I think another member had done this in the past on here and found success with it.
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                    I thought about it honestly, but the local news paper here - well lets say they don't care about anything. The paper comes out once a week and it's got more info of people getting arrrested than anything else, unless it's got to do with somebody who is in the county seat and own a business.

                    I do have two groups on Facebook that is based in North East Georgia, one for jobs (got 400 members) and the other is to buy/sell/barter (300 members) and I posted photos and what happened. I posted it on alot of other local groups (with 150 to 1400 members) and three "PINNED" the subject, and every one said sorry and they'd keep looking for it and what not, but we had two nasty dudes getting pissed cause he was "tried" of looking at it after a week of it being posted. He got banned from all the groups cause he was so rude. I figured I was going to go tell the police about him, who knows it could have been him. He was so pushing it to be took down. Anyways, someone DID offer to GIVE me a 14" trailer in replacement of mine. He says it needs work and what not, I told him I'd pay for it and he said "$1". lol So that's pretty cool. I thought that was awesome honestly. I figured after I get paid on the first I'd go ahead and take him 100 bucks and pick it up. I honestly don't have the money to spend on anything else but the thought that he offered to give me something is awesome.

                    I've been trying to beg the Newspaper to put my Facebook group in the paper, cause it's helping people get jobs. no one gets money out of it, and my group is the ONLY freaking place that has any help to find a job around this area.


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                      Well that is great about the trailer! It seems things are taking a turn for the positive!
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