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    Well, today I ran over everything with the tractor when I was unloading for the day. My mind was distracted.

    How it should have been
    1. Open ramp.
    2. Remove 2 self propelled lawn mowers.
    3. Drive tractor out, and into the garage.

    How it happened
    1. Open ramp.
    2. Run back to truck to answer phone.

    3. Instead of walking all the way to trailer ramp to get to the tractor, I just hopped in it from the hitch side. Anyway, started the tractor up, looked behind me... or so I thought... Next thing I know, I'm on top of the handle bars of both other mowers which are grinding into the pavement.

    Assistant runs out from storing the trimmers, "what was that?!"...

    Me: "What? ... nothing.. just putting the mowers away ".