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    Last year I had 2 properties on this new street. The clients never bothered me and paid on time.

    A neighbor of a client, an old man would always come out to talk to me for 30 minutes . I had no choice but to accept him this year as a client.

    All of a sudden, this old man keeps getting me new clients THAT SUCK!!!

    Alright, so I now have 4 properties in a row on this street, but one other neighbor had called on the street for service... a friend of the old man...

    This guy is a real estate agent, and of course they all talk big but never have money.

    He spoke to me as though he was some sort of big shot doing me a favor, hahahaha, what a joke. All my experiences with real estate agents, is that they don't want to pay for anything and make it impossible to collect from them.

    1. He says he will give me 3 other lawns, and even more.

    2. He doesn't want anything on paper about the other lawns, but wants a contract for HIS lawn.

    3. He only wants to pay half price for the season and wants me to work something out for him.

    4. He said, "I want to get rid of my other guy because he charges way too much"!


    How do you think I should handle this? I understand that if I accept this guy as a client and he misses a payment for one of the properties, its just going to give me headaches and start a shouting match.

    I hate when clients think I should 'trust' them, and that the money 'will come'. llolollol.


    "I'm a real estate agent, I can get you so much work... but.. my other guy charged too much, and I want half price"

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    OH YA!!!

    He also told me that he's the one who got me the old man as a client on the street... SUCH bullcrap. I'm the one who had their time wasted chit chatting every god damn Monday with the old man about my service.

    I hate real estate agents, I can see right through them.


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      It seems like whenever things like this pop up, they become problems. We see this discussed every once in a while and there always seems to be some kind of problem that comes out of it.

      Let us know what you decide to do with it.

      What are you thinking the pros or cons are to this deal?
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        Its always a gamble huh? Man, I would go with your gut feeling and bypass this guy. The fact that he wants no paper trail on the other propertys is BS! Like you said it sound like a headache and a guy like this is going to wast your time and money. Somtimes you cant always see peoples true colors right away, but it sound like you can see hes full of it. Good luck to ya!


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          So it's our first official day doing strictly lawn maintenance...

          Uhhggg... I have to prepare to be stuck talking all day reuniting with clients.

          The ones who haven't paid better have the god damn money ready lol.


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            I don't know. If you 4 yards right in a row on that street and you're there doing them anyway, might as well take him on as a client. If he doesn't pay, it can't be the worst customer that doesn't pay, since you're already there anyway. If he does pay, then you make a little extra since you don't waste time and gas driving to his house.

            Plus, if you do his yard, that's more exposure you have in that neighborhood and the possibility of getting more work on that street goes up and you'll be keeping your competition away from your turf.


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              Do not take his business. You will regret it, for sure.

              My Dad had a saying that I live by in my self-employment.
              "You never want to be tired and broke at the end of the day" when referencing how much to charge and which clients to take.

              If this guy was really a big shot and had business to send you, he wouldn't be requesting a cheaper price. My friend had a similar experience with a property management company and after taking the business, it ended very sour.

              The description of this guy has raised 5 red flags. It's not worth the money


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                Agent: I have 8 properties I can get you.

                Scott: They are going to have to sign our contracts.

                Agent: Of course!

                Scott: I also want to make sure that these properties are good.

                Agent: They are all on the same street, and one lady will switch for $50 per month, another man will switch for $60 per month, but you'll get 6 properties you didn't have before for your regular price, and more properties on the way!

                Scott: Are these people going to be difficult? I don't want headaches, we're being pretty selective this year.

                Agent: Not at all, i'm basically working for YOU.

                Scott: We'll see about that, I'll meet you after dinner.

                Agent: Ok, I will be waiting.


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                  If he won't sign a contract but says he will put his reputation on the line and have his referrals sign contracts something is fishy.


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                    50 a month wtf is that? Most of my cuts are 35 a cut and four are 45-50 a cut all weeklies ...
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