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    Wow...eating bull balls...nice


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      Everyone should utilize post-dated cheques, it's so simple!!!!!
      Thats how I'd like to have things running. How do you sell this to new customers? I can't get anyone to pay for more than 1 mow at a time.


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        Thats how I'd like to have things running. How do you sell this to new customers? I can't get anyone to pay for more than 1 mow at a time.

        With speaking to several other people on the forum and out of my city, I have to say that it highly depends on your area.

        In my area, it's completely normal for businesses like ours to charge clients for the full season, regardless if we miss a few visits (grass stops growing, etc) we'll still get paid.

        I have a feeling it has to deal with the pricing. In my city, our service is 40% less expensive then anywhere else in the world, so I suppose we wouldn't settle for 'pay-per-visit' lawn maintenance.

        The majority of you would probably have to quadruple your clientele in order to make what you are making today financially, just in my area.


        Another example would be snow removal, this is where WE usually have the advantage over most people.

        A lot of people (not from my city) charge per job during the winter, this lacks in consistency, $$$. In my city, we charge for the entire season, regardless of how much it snows.

        The problem is, the more it snows, the more money WE lose vs the more it snows, the more money YOU make. Both are good and bad, depending on the winter.

        Our chances of making more money is greater, but so is our chances of losing it all. lol... Winter is a gamble.


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          Walmart has Oysters?! :O <3
          Hahaha Hell if i know, just trying to make a point !

          I wonder how most companies in my area charge, for the season or per visit. I have a hard time getting people to pay me in advance, and it seems more of a trust issue than anything. And snow removal too, I have a large snow removal account. Im hired by a large maintenance company that does thousands and thousands of various corporate stores nationwide, and they pay for the season. However, all the commercial bids I've sent around and all the companies where im trying to get my foot in the door, want either a Per-Push, or an hourly rate.


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            I think it's worth a shot to try and bring into your area.

            Giving the clients the choice as to when they should require your service is a bad idea.

            Your contract should have something like:

            Lawn Maintenance
            3x $xxx.xx : May 1, 2013 and Jul 1, 2013 and Sep 1, 2013

            Checks must be accompanied with a copy of your signed contract and made payable to: «COMPANY NAME»

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