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Yeah, but where the FRICK is your HOUSE?

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    I use our county property appraiser web site. If I get the address, that's great. If I get your name and know that you own the house that's good. Renters don't care, they will give the address. I get all the information about the property, size of lot, sf of house, pool, patio, drive etc, and an overhead picture. I can also get a map. I then give a price range. I tell them that it could be higher depending on what I find out when I get there to look at it.
    Like 123 some street, it's on .17 acres, the house id 1 story, 2500 sf with 500 sf of driveway, 100 sf of side walk, 1200 sf of patio, detached garage 300 sf. The overhead shows three large trees, flower beds around the house, a screened in pool, and kids play structure. I would give a price of (not really) say 20 to 40 dollars per cut depending on what is in the yard. I need to see the yard to give a firm estimate

    I usually am right in the ballpark with these types of estimates, sometimes not.

    Shoppers say ok and I may never hear from them again.

    People interested in service ask when I can come take a look at it. I try very hard to schedule estimates for when I am in the area, give the estimate, do the cut, get paid, move on.


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