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    Running a business is very stressful, the lesson I have learned is to pace yourself and make taking breaks mandatory. If we work like machines, we'll feel like a machine... It's very unhealthy.
    This is another great point you made Scott. I think a lot of newer business owners get into this non stop work mentality. There may be many reasons for it too. One of them however may be the struggle for survival. You figure if you just keep working, something good will come out of it.

    The downside to that can be pretty large though. Burnout is always something that can happen when you work too much. Once you get to the point where you feel burnt out, you let things go and stop giving a ****. So the key it seems is to find that happy median between working and getting things done and taking a rest as well to not be all consumed by work.
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      Steve you make some good points about balance of work and play.
      What i find is the work consumes me and I find it hard to turn it off. I go shopping I am always looking for possible clients or ways to advertise if I go to a party I talk Business (you never know where your next new client is hiding).
      A while back someone posted that you should go away on vacation and relax on a beach. If I had to sit on a beach every day for a week I think I would go crazy, don't get me wrong I like a break now and then and a night out or a long walk in the woods is great but anymore then that and I would be climbing the walls. I am with Scott I like to work I like to keep busy all the time That is what I love about owning my own company, there is just so much to do.


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        It's strange, it's as though some sort of guilt comes to me when I'm not working or doing anything productive with the company.

        It's interesting to realize that getting away from the business every now and then is actually what's best. I think everybody should take note of this.

        Planning a date for when you can just pretend you don't own a company sounds tricky, but if you are able to actually go through with it, wow, imagine how much better a person could feel!


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          It's especially hard when your work follows you home and you have a family. You have to learn to when to break away from work, not only to spend time with your family but also some time for yourself. I have been up many nights until 3am in the morning working on a new marketing piece. Lately I have been getting back into reading again as my get away. It's really relaxing and I actually look forward to it now.


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            Too many jobs is most time a good thing! I remember when I was a one man show, I don't know if my 41 year old frame could do that now. I sure do trip my guys out when they actually see me And good luck not bringing your work home. My wife already knows what I'm going to say, just by looking at me.
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              Something to think about too is why does work become all consuming? Is it because we love the work that much or is it more that work keeps our mind busy and we hate to have a moment where we have no work and our mind will race?

              Even the thought of having down time when you are not working, such as a vacation can cause anxiety. Maybe that is a big part of it.
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