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  • Enough is Enough

    So, dealing with all sorts of crappy clients can get exhausting. Every once in awhile, you kind of need to say 'enough is enough'.

    What's the worst thing you've done/said when a client had annoyed you?

    For starters, one client would always complain that I never show up regularly. This is due to the fact she's always missing payments and avoiding my warnings, and I only go every now and then so that the work doesn't pile up on me by the time she does eventually pay me.

    This was in 2008, she gave me a phone call telling me how she is not satisfied with the service. I never said the 'f' word so much in my life, and it felt amazing. She really pushed my buttons by having the nerve to attack my company like that.

    It ended like this;

    Lady: You aren't being very professional.
    Scott: Dealing with your kind isn't my profession.


    YOU'RE TURN!!!

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    Client: This is not what I expected.............

    Reply: I find it hard to understand how I can manage your change in expectations as this is exactly what you asked for.......

    Client: Yes but i didn't realize what it would look like

    Reply: Your new expectations will come at a cost, here is our written agreement.........
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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      Clients are so funny sometimes... tsk tsk.


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        Client - Why Do you Cut my neighbors lawn cheaper then you charge me? If you don't lower mine then i will find someone else.

        Me - i told her i could not drop her price and the reason her neighbors was cheaper was because "your neighbor dont have a fence in the back yard like you do"

        (there lawns were adjacent so no fence in neighbors yard, besides the corner post)

        Client - Well i will find someone else to cut my lawn then

        Me - Go right ahead i can't lower your price. .

        so i waited a few weeks(not cutting her lawn) as she found some kid off craigslist to cut it. .

        i waited for her to find some1 because. . . little did she remember she was under contract with me for the whole year. . and she owed me some money for canceling my service. . .

        BAM shes owes me $350 bucks. .

        I WIN

        so she gives me a call and i could see her face threw the phone it looked like this i told her i would give her 2 weeks to pay me and if she does not pay i will take further action. . she said it was not fair. . and i told her. . what if you went to work and come friday (payday) your boss tells you. . we had a bad week we dont have the funds to pay you. . i said "what would you do"?? and she goes ok your check will be in the mail next week. .

        a week rolls around . .. i get the check


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          Do you find each one of these client experiences alters and shapes the way you deal with future customers?
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            Hey Cheese, you know how I'm always telling you I have "perfect" clients?

            I got a call today.

            (weak, feeble voice)
            "Hello Hedge, I waited yesterday and you didn't show up."

            (I'm puzzled as frick because I haven't spoken to a client in weeks, let alone arranged to do any work)

            "I don't recall making plans to stop by", I said.

            She chuckles and says "Don't you remember? You said you could stop after 2pm!"

            (blink blink)

            "I don't recall talking to you since the day you asked me to stop by when you gave me the Christmas card."

            She chuckles again and says, "Oh sure, you called me on Monday!"

            (long pause - OK, she's lost her mind)

            "Oh, that's OK", she says... "You can stop by any time to look at that tree."


            "Are you sure you didn't speak to someone else, because I don't do tree work".

            "Oh my! I thought you did!"

            "No, just small trees and low hanging branches", I replied.

            "Oh, well you wouldn't be doing anything with MY tree!"

            (No, indeed not)

            WHEW!!!! She almost convinced me that I was the crazy one!

            Apparently she had talked to someone else about the tree.
            I'm not dropping her as a client, but thought you'd get a kick out of that!
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              Clients... they really know how to confuse the crap out of us...

              I'm happy you were able to get out of the situation, that would have drove me up the wall!!!! LOL


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