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    it was tough getting my fist customer, since I looked so small to cut grass, but once I got one, people would see me always going over there and began to ask how much I charge. When I say $20 or $25 they immediately want me...

    all the low ballers will not last more than 2-3 years in this business and their quality of work will sure match their prices..low prices..typically low quality..and you cant count on them to afford to come back
    that may be true in with other people although I don't just show up with a push mower, mow, and leave. This is my second year in the business and I am going so strong I have to turn people down. (to me, thats good for 13)

    You are 13, customers wont take you seriously.
    I beg to differ.

    As long as your gas is covered you are pretty much set.
    Really, that is my main expense. Some others would just be maintenance for equipment and new equipment. PRETTY MUCH IT.


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      Regardless if customers take you seriously or not, you still have a good chance.

      A lot of what is said on this forum is a myth (watching Myth Busters).

      I can do a job for free, and provide better quality than my competitors - so if I did happen receive enough income to cover my expenses, while making few bucks for myself to enjoy - I'm in the business!

      You can go to a fancy restaurant and pay $200 for a meal, only to head to McDonald's minutes after. Price and quality are very separate things, and the idea that they are the YIN and YANG of each other is all in the heads of ourselves and our clients.

      If I buy an apple for $1 and I sell it for $3, what happens?
      1. I have $1 to buy another apple to sell
      2. I have $2 for myself
      3. I win

      It's a slower process, but it's not broken.

      The more expenses you do accumulate throughout your business will have you charging more for your work. NOT because the YIN and YANG = money and quality, but because YIN and YANG = quality and time.

      Thank you for your time, keep up the good work!

      Dr. Scott


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        I'm gunna start selling apples.


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