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Help me find a nice way to dump a client

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    It's been a battle with Client from day one, and Client is the only lawn I service in this area of town. How do I dump Client and save my reputation? Client is arguing with prices, again, and I'm not willing to accomodate Client anymore.

    Have you ever thought of keeping the PIA customer and expanding your customer base in this area of town and then as you do you can phase him out.
    All customers are important but if you can take this negative and make it positive but increasing your customer base in a new area you win and the PIA customer won't seem so much of a pain.


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      I think your email was enough. I'm shocked that you dropped the $20 though. I would have simply said that he has agreed on the $20, and expect him to pay.

      Just keep it professional, and like brucessaid, you can just explain that his area of town is very far away, and you have to focus on client closer in.

      Look at it from a cost standpoint anyways. 10 miles, there and back, is costing you probably $8 in gas. The TIME you spend driving that far, and back to your normal area is around 40 min. You could service another customer with that drive time alone, so right there you just lost another $30.

      Just add it up. Be nice, and just drip him.


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        I had a client Complain About a $5.00 increase. . At the beginging of this year, I wrote a nice letter to all my clients saying due to fuel increases and maintaince increases i will be raising your cutting rate $5.00 on top of what you were normaly paying

        so if they were paying $10.00. now its $15.00 a Cut

        if they were paying $40.00, now its $45.00.

        and ECT..

        Well i had 8 houses all on the same block(within walking from yard to yard and never had to unload reload the trailer), almost every lawn on that block i charged between $20-$25 a cut besides this one lady I charged her only $10.00. . Why did i charge her that you may ask?? she was my 1st client on that steet(and i had a good feeling i would pick up other clients on this street, All older women in there 60s-80s years of age) and it only took me 10-15min to cut her grass, start to finish.. .

        well needless to say she called me after getting my letter and said $5.00 was to big of a price increase and that its really unfair and that she was going to talk to her daughter to see what she thinks about it.. .. . So shes complaining about a $15.00 lawn cut!!

        Anyways, i cut her lawn for about 2 months this year @ the $15.00 a cut. . (she was a call when needed cut) and id just cut it the same day i cut everyone else on the block when she called to have me cut it. .well she hasnt called in weeks now. . so i guess the $15.00 a cut was to much for her(maybe she should sell her cadillac) i know she had the money. . but anyways i dont know whos cutting it now, and neither do i care. . im not going to chase that client back for $15.00 . .

        Just a little story i thought id share because im bored hahahah


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          just making sure you realise your new fees gave the lady a 50% increase per cut , which as a consumer seems like a pretty big jump .I bet your "extra" costs to service this property this season are not even 50 cents extra per cut depending on your equipment used .


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            With the fuel prices jumping this year. . and to charge 10 bucks that isnt alot!! she was my only client out of the 50 clients i have that complained. . .


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