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    First off i havent been on here in forever, i moved out and this is the first chance i've gotten at a computer, but on to my subject

    I just got done with my first year of on my own plowing and boy can i tell you.... I lost money

    I broke my truck 3 out of the ten storms we had, ( I live in southeast WI), many problems with how spread out my customers were, and customers tryin to not pay on a agreed price. And to top it all off i take the plow off the truck last week, and when i leave to go to work, i have no thrid or fourth gear.... so now i have to get a new tranny....... I CANT WAIT TO MOW GRASS!!!

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    Welcome back!

    What caused the truck break downs?

    Also, looking back on this past winter, what would you have done differently to make it profitable? What needs to be changed so next winter is better?
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