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In debt, I'm full of rage

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  • In debt, I'm full of rage

    My ex recently spent all she could, & I'm left with an incredible bill. I am in debt over my head, & I cannot afford to start up again this season.

    I told her I am going to the police, & she said, "haha, I will tell them you raped me"

    This is all I can type right now, I have never felt so much rage.

    I want to *********************************************** <**** must not say.

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    My ex recently spent all she could, & I'm left with an incredible bill. I am in debt over my head, & I cannot afford to start up again this season.

    I told her I am going to the police, & she said, "haha, I will tell them you raped me"

    This is all I can type right now, I have never felt so much rage.

    I want to *********************************************** <**** must not say.

    That, my friend, is exactly why she broke up with you. She spent all of your money that she could. Oh, and if you do go to the Police, tell them up front that she laughed as she told you she was going to tell them you raped her if you tell them this........ And do so before she alleges rape....

    Good luck my friend.



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      damn bro that really sucks.


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        The last thing my ex told me was, "Breeze Will Not Prevail"

        The last thing I told her in front of her mother & friends was, "Boo-Hoo, ****!"

        I was going to record my conversation with her on the phone for you guys. I have never yelled so loud & for so long in my entire life. It was beautiful.

        I had to drink 2 glasses of water because my mouth was so dry. I wasn't even at my place, & I could hear my brother & his girlfriend saying, "holy s****!"

        Anyway her mother started crying & she said, "at least you can get out, I'm stuck with her" & we shared a few hugs.

        I just hate how everyone can see me as the best thing she had, yet she can't!

        Anyway, I called the ex earlier & made up a story on how I went to the police & they now have an open case & they will press charges if I don't receive my money back. I pulled it out of my ***, but it worked.

        Her mother told her father, & this breaks my heart. The father told me he will do anything he can to pay off the bill.

        Her father is the most innocent, miss treated person I have ever known. His wife is similar to my ex at times, & that's how we always got along. He doesn't bring in a lot of money & has big financial issues. He is kind, thoughtful, & very passive. I am someone who is hardly passive, I don't take b.s.

        Anyway, he called me up & broke my heart.

        I really felt awful knowing the money was coming out of his pocket. I wish that there was an alternative. I feel disgusting & evil.

        It's his daughters fault, yet the debt is on me, & her father has to pay it off?

        I remember telling my ex, "Listen your a horrible person, but you do good work. I'll let you keep your job in order to pay off the bill"

        Ex: I want the same pay!
        Scott: Your getting $9.00 an hour!
        Ex: Why not $10.00?!
        Scott: Fine, you'll get $10.00 an hour. See, everyone around you makes sacrifices when they shouldn't have to!

        (In my head I was imagining her weeding gardens in the rain, while I'm standing over her in a poncho whipping her to work faster)

        Anyway, her father told me this... remember I said my ex was babied through life? Listen to this.

        Father: I heard you offered her a job?

        Scott: Well she quit the other two she had & it's better than nothing, which is what she has.

        Father: I told her she didn't have to work for you, & that she could work for me instead... but then she said, "I'd rather work for Scott", then I said she didn't have to work for me & that I will take care of the bill.

        ^ that p'd me off. Her father is way too damn nice! He's so nice, his daughter takes advantage of him. He loses business himself because of his daughters tantrums. My ex never learns anything, because she never thinks that she's done anything wrong, EVER!

        So her father being on the poor side, he drove over & gave me $60.00 to start, I then showed him the bill & he said, "wow".

        Yeah, $60.00 doesn't cover crap all... In fact I even deducted $200.00 from the bill just because I like the guy.

        So I gave him a paper I wrote up, explaining all the details from my bill. He handed me the $60.00 & we signed an agreement.

        Though I told him I will find a way for him to receive something, so his money isn't going "nowhere". I feel horrible.

        I'm currently writing up a new estimate for lawn maintenance for him, trying to figure out what I'm willing to do, & not feel like such a bastard.

        That's why I'm a good person. I know it's unfair for him to pay me, so I'll sacrifice a little more.

        If he's going to owe me all this money, would it really kill me to spend an extra 30 mins a week mowing his lawn? Would it really?

        Am I being to generous? Am I crazy?

        Basically I'm offering him free service, when I shouldn't have to. What do I do?



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          Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.

          Keep your head up. Life goes on. It took me a while to figure that out after my divorce but right now things are damn near perfect.

          Bridgewater, NS


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            I'm better off without her. The only reason my mind refuses to let go, is because I just don't understand how she could express so much love for me one day, & become my worst enemy the next day with a simple phone call.

            Like, where are the answers?

            I didn't do anything wrong, I gave her freedom she would never consider giving me. The only times I would criticize her, is when she would make really dumb decisions. I guess she made one to many dumb decisions, which overall made me out to be a bad boyfriend in her eyes.

            I put up with more than any sane person could, I even let a few things slide that would drive a man insane. I accepted her lack of knowledge so that I could become happy, & have a stress free relationship. Though it didn't do me any justice.

            And my point to this post, is that I don't get ANY justice. She calls it quits just like that, & she's laughing? I want this bitch to regret this so bad. In my mind I know she does, but I need to hear it.

            I've been in several breakups with girls I've been with for years. I've had rough breakups before & major heart aches... Over the years breakups became so simple & I didn't take things as seriously.

            Then this girl comes along & she practically forces me to fall in love with her. When I fall in love with her, she falls out of love with me? Back the heck up, what the hell just happened? I gave her a part of me that I thought I never would, not in my laws. No way would I ever consider giving her my love as the person she is! CRAZY, but I did it. I took a chance, & this is generally what happens.

            Either way, I've had a girlfriend who was similar to her before. Basically the only reason I would still feel attached to her for a long period of time, was because of all the bedroom action. When I think of anything else, no good memories pop up.

            Now because of this ex, my issues will only drag into my next relationship where I will "avoid" falling in love, & then I will be forced into it yet again... & the story repeats.

            Anyway, screw this bitch, she'll get what's coming to her. The karma I know has been waiting for something like this to happen. I shall reap the benefits.

            ANYWAY AGAIN...

            My solution to my debt, I'm borrowing money from family on Monday to pay it off right away, then the money my ex's father pays me over time will go right back to my family.

            The only problem, now my parents get free lawn service this year. Lol. Which doesn't make me feel like I've won the battle.

            Because of this evil ex girlfriend, I will make Breeze so successful. My business will tower over her for the rest of her life, & she will think, "I made a dumb decision".

            It'll be my own love story, ahahaha!

            Eventually I'll turn into a cold hearted super villain, & as I'm about to dominate the world with lawn service, Batman will come in & say, "but Scott, remember your reason for all of this, you are not the man you once were"

            Scenario A:

            Scott: Go away Batman, you will not foil my plans. The world will have to see what I am capable of once & for all! (as I throw Batman into a pit of sharks)

            Scenario B:

            Batman: The world does not need to see what you are capable of, it's what you know you are capable of that counts. You were a man who lived his life with peace, now you have become a man living his life full of anger & revenge.

            Scott: You are right Batman, what have I become? I-Am-Sorry..
            (as I jump into a pit of sharks)
            Batman: NoooOoooOo!

            LOL, I need to make a comic book, this is gold right here. I will look like the phantom of the opera. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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              The only questions you need answers to (and can actually answer yourself) are the ones like:

              Why do I choose women like this?

              What about these women keep me around?

              What about me keeps attracting these kind of women?

              What does this latest episode teach me about how to deal with women?

              What does this latest episode teach me about myself?

              What mistakes did I make and how do I prevent them in the future?

              What am I comfortable giving/sacrificing and what am I not?

              Where do I draw my line in the sand?


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                Awesome questions, let me answer them openly.

                Why do I choose women like this?

                They are always the ones to randomly appear. I met one girl through her sister, basically she was just eye candy & I guess you can say she was 3 days too easy, or I just looked good back then! LOL. (Big arse, petite)

                Another girl I met while eating a hamburger at a restaurant, I picked up a vibe that was out of the ordinary, she was a humorous & innocent girl. So she was easily please with even the worst of my jokes, she's my new garden weeder, 2010! (firm body, big athlete)

                Another girl I met at the cinema, we went for coffee & I offered to drive her home, not being too far from me. My truck broke down & she was in no rush to get home, so we told each other a few hilarious stories. (Basically she was just really honest, it was awesome, though maybe that's why she wasn't as pretty as the earlier girls, petite)

                I met a girl at a Christmas party, she's probably the brightest girl I ever knew, school education wise. She was studying to become a doctor, & she basically kept herself glued to study material. Traveling was the worst, & she restricts herself from doing things I want to do. (big arse, petite)

                My most recent ex, the demon lady. I met her handing out flyers for the local elementary school, it was for a movie showing in the gym. Basically I knew she was interested as soon as I saw her. She went to the movie, & I went a little later but was too busy flirting with a lady selling soft drinks. So the next day I'm on my way home from a horrible date with godzilla, & the girl from yesterday appears out of nowhere shouting my name. We ended up talking in a park & exchanging contact information. Then I left to go home & eat some damn food. I went back we chatted for a few hours, I went home & relaxed on the computer, doing a little background search on this cutie. Anyway, she pops up on MSN Messenger & we talk for 5 minutes until she says VERY openly that she wants me at the park, & she's been dying of excitement. Anyway, to make a long story short, we ended up making out & spending every bit of time going back to that park... She lives a block away from me, sucks! (she had a bit of honesty to her, & she gave that "i'll do anything to make you happy" vibe, which is true. She had a big arse, she was petite, & has anger issues which she cannot control)

                What about these women keep me around?

                Well I'm the type of guy to say, "well I'm here, mind as well see where this leads me". Basically they come on strong, & it feels good. It's impossible for me to not want to stick around with these woman, they have 10/10 looks & I always believe that they wont be idiots forever, I am always wrong. This girl was a real winner, probably the toughest person to have a conversation with, without her going, "what, I don't understand?" it's like she just came to Earth from planet Loud-Obnoxious-Selfish-ungrateful-tard, everything I tried with my previous girlfriends has worked to an extent, but this one was WORK! Though by the time I am unhappy with them, it's too late. If I'm with a girl long enough that she's filled up a gap, then I really hate to see it end. I really hate to waste time, if I quit on them time is wasted... If I stay, time is wasted. Mind as well do the one that gives me action, & just keep wishing on a star, lol.

                What about me keeps attracting these kind of women?

                I guess I'm just used to them, I can spot them in any crowd. The more of the same woman I'm with, the better I think I am at taming them. I want their looks in my woman, with a change of personality. In fact, there is a chance that none of these woman were the same before I met them, just about all of them turned into psychos when we broke up. My last girlfriend was going to kill me, several times. I've stopped a knife, blocked a giant mirror, a rock to the head, a damn hard upper-cut, many of my t-shirts were sacrificed in the heat of the moment. For some reason all of that was fun, it's nice to know I could drive a girl so mad as she tries to get me to love her. I also had fun with it, I'd just laugh at her, being the superior one in the relationship for I am man. The problem is, we make up & then our brutal fights end up being fun memories. LOL. If only you knew the things I did to her, those were the only lessons she will have learned. Sadly I'm kidding, she didn't learn anything at all. She enjoyed eating snow on a regular basis I suppose.

                What does this latest episode teach me about how to deal with women?
                Don't take them seriously, I really have to stop doing that. We are not the same creature. I need to hold onto my dignity (though in reality I have none, haha) & never give them anything to use against me. As soon as you show weakness, they have power. When they want something, they will use that power against you. I need to stop pretending there are woman who know what they want in life.

                What does this latest episode teach me about myself?
                The longer I'm in, the weaker I get. If I get attached, I'm usually screwed. I guess I will have to evaluate the next woman a lot earlier, so I will know if it's time to GTFO, or keep it up. Gotta stop giving them chances to redeem there issues.

                What mistakes did I make and how do I prevent them in the future?

                Basically, I was starting my life. I was getting serious & dedicated. Apparently my ex wasn't in a rush to "grow up", though she still filled a gap I had because other than business I had nothing to do. So I obviously spent way too much of my time with her, & I got used to her ways. I really adapted. So eventually a lot of time passed on & I realized it would be scary if she left, & I thought maybe it's time to get serious. It was a trap, lmao. The next girl I meet will have to last through & settle one argument with me, if she leaves she sucks, if she sticks around & tries to work it out, she's a keeper give or take.

                What am I comfortable giving/sacrificing and what am I not?
                Well, I don't like publicity about our relationship problems while were together. It just makes things difficult to solve because everyone is telling her or me what to do. Basically, if you wanna argue, it stays between us. If you let get everyone involved, it gives us a bad image & there is little hope.

                Everyone is human & I don't care much for trust, but I still give 100% freedom. In the back of my head I just say, "you do something, your cousin will be mine". I'm tired of mind games, though it seems all woman like to play them. As a guy, we say things as it is, why can't they? Mind games just lead to arguments & misunderstandings. If you are just open, the problem will probably get solved fairly quick. Every time a woman plays her mind games on me, I stop them in their tracks & say, "STFU or tell me what you want, I have time I just don't want to waste it playing eye spy-a problem"

                Where do I draw my line in the sand?

                I draw the line when I have another queen in my deck of cards. Hopefully their not all are jokers. Just kidding, though I guess I rarely do. I'm too busy trying to make things right & using my patience that I rarely blow it off myself. Plus I feel horrible breaking hearts, & I always imagine the next day being happier than the last. I suppose I will draw the line in the future, try to figure out what signals I don't want to receive. I never give up on hope. I'm friends with most of my ex girlfriends now & a few of them have wanted a second chance, could be interesting. Basically only 1 serious ex has not made an effort to check up on me, though I know my most recent ex is probably spying on me from GoogleEarth. I want the last laugh dammit! I always get the last laugh! I might have gotten it actually, but it just wasn't good enough.

                I hope she enjoy my mower lines from her window, Daddy has to hire Breeze! LOL

                Last thing she said, just for everyone's information, "BREEZE WILL NOT PREVAIL" now her dad is paying me.

                I wish she'd be smart enough to realize she put her foot in her mouth, sadly I can't win..


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                  I forgot to mention this, probably will never happen but worth thinking about.

                  My ex girlfriends mother has been wanting to work for me for awhile.

                  Ultimate revenge? That's right, you wear that Breeze shirt home & tell your family how great your job is!

                  That is my last post, thank you for your time. LOL.

                  Writing on the forum gives me something to do when I take a break from writing up forms & finding a flyer crew of honest people. Last year I had a bunch of slackers & I always had to be there to hold their hands. I can't even rely on my best friend, he's so damn lazy even if you throw money at him.

                  Finding a good assistant sucks. I never cared for looking at resumes thinking, "it's just grass", but seriously, ask for them because it makes a difference!

                  I'll post the resume I give to those who are interested in working for me. It covers a lot.

                  Also, Some of the best garden people I have available just can't figure out how to use a lawn mower, not good for the future, but we try.


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                    I cannot afford to start up again this season.
                    If not this, then what is the plan?
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                      Here's the Mafioso way to handle it. You tell your ex that you're sorry that you were such a jerk(which of course you know isn't true-keep reading) and you get an attorney who agrees to make every attempt to cause the divorce proceedings drag on for over a year. In the mean time, you find a way to gather her SSN, copy of her driver's license, copy of her signature, and a copy of her birth certificate. You file a small but reasonable life insurance policy on your ex, using the above items. Don't make the policy something that's outrageous like 4 million. No, $500K will do fine. You name yourself AND someone close to your ex as beneficiaries. You figure out the rest.


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