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    So in other news.. lol

    My girlfriend & I have been having all these messed up problems, we've been through a lot only to think of it as becoming stronger.

    We've had a few scares this winter but the time has come.

    I've been through breakups before & if I just think of myself in the future, I'll be laughing about this.

    I feel awfully crappy right now, & it'll probably suck even more later on.

    It's weird, it's seems as though when we patch up our differences, I get into this "comfortable" mode, & I least expect it when she goes all crazy again.

    In a way I do see it as my fault. I bring all my frustrations from work right into my every day life. If I see something out of place it comes natural to me to just force it right, & I never take no for an answer.

    I knew from the start she wasn't a very bright girl, the best thing I had going for me was the ability to teach her many new things which made me feel pretty damn good. She'd been babied through life & before I could try to have a good time, I'd be too busy giving her lessons which her brain could not handle. I was her biggest critic, & the only reason for that was so I wouldn't be so annoyed with her. I wanted her to change from a dreamer to a person in touch with reality.

    My girlfriend had a lot in her that I liked, but I say that about every girl I date long term.

    When we first started dating, I wasn't really interested or willing to "fall in love", I actually thought love was an evil spell, & I never wanted to feel insecure. After a year I thought about how I'd feel if she vanished & I changed my ways, & I started taking our relationship seriously. The sad part is, she'd always whine about how I wouldn't give her my heart, & when I finally did, she changed into a cold beast of a lady.

    I like where I am right now, I feel like I didn't lose anything that couldn't be replaced. And I know that I have a habit of getting involved with the crazy ladies, though they are hot.

    She called me 10 minutes ago & this is how our conversation went:

    Scott: Hello?

    Woman: Your going to hate me.

    Scott: What now?

    Woman: It isn't working.

    Scott: Well that's too bad, I need your printer.

    Woman: What?

    Scott: The flyers have to go out soon.

    Woman: I'm not happy, & I know your not happy.

    Scott: No, I'm pretty happy.

    Woman: I don't want to see you anymore, ever.

    Scott: See, you need to understand that there is work to be done, & now is not a good time. If you don't want to be with me anymore, that's cool, but I need you as an employee this year.

    Woman: You sound too happy, have you been cheating on me?

    Scott: No, I'm far too lazy for that.

    Woman: Well you should see other people.

    Scott: I'm not really interested actually.

    Woman: Well you should go hook up with xXXx

    Scott: What's the rush? I have more important things to do right now.

    Woman: I have to go.

    Scott: Ok, good luck!

    ******** Best conversation ever. If I let her feel as if I'm not hurt = I win the emotional battle!

    Annnnd now I learned my lesson. Still too damn young for this crap, & now I can go meet this other girl who's been dying to go out with me. I'm a horrible person.

    As for now, I need to drink my sorrows away & avoid depressing music as I pack her bags.

    I'm p'd off because I have all these new garden clients & I need 2 people to take care of them, she better not quit on me.

    She was a damn good worker, I felt we could build a very good relationship by building a company together & just watch the money flow in so we could build a better future for the both of us. Though while I was with her, I hardly ever discussed Breeze with her.


    She's going to hate it when I start raking in the money. I hope she enjoys paying for her college & bills while working at a craft store part time making $5.00 a day (seriously). I gave her a suggestion to work at other places so she could at least make minimum wage, but she doesn't understand the difference. She quit being a slave at a car company cleaning toilets & dusting cars, only to get this crap job. She has no idea how valuable I was to her financially. She never paid for anything.

    So when she sees my company grow & how I get away with sexual harassment with my new beautiful garden weeder, it will surely haunt her.

    CONS: DUn Dunnn DUnnnn!

    Well the fact is, I was with her for a long time so I have grown attached. It's the time in my life everyone starts getting pregnant & married, everyone is serious & it's time to prepare for the future. I really wanted to do well so that we could be happier in time, though I have always made an effort to focus on the present. I never got to the point of thinking about marriage or anything too crazy, but the fact is, you gotta work hard in this world to get nice things! She didn't understand the way I was thinking, she's one of those, "money grows on trees" type of people.

    When we'd talk about money, it'd anger her. Only because she's the one spending all of it, while I'm here saying, "hey listen, we need to live off of that". So all in all, the last few months we just lounged around saving "my" money, not being luxurious as usual because of her spending habits.

    I gotta make one thing clear, she understood our money issue, though the way she felt because of it was too strong/negative to think logically, so it's over.

    So now that I am single, unless some sort of weird thing happens and we end up back together after a misunderstanding hug fest, these things do happen. When we broke up before, I let another girl know about it, but never told her I got back together with my ex, hahaha. So now it's date timeeee.

    Party On.

    Let this be a lesson to all of you. You are a warrior, sadness does not exist. We have hair on our chest for one reason, we are men. HOO-RAHH!

    Live by the mower, die by the mower.

    I think my brothers girlfriend has a sister.... keep it in the family... LMAO

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    Well, that sucks. But let me tell you, I saw several cases just tonight where I am convinced they would like to have broken up as nicely and as easily as you guys did!

    Just something I observed: most (not all, but most) !!HOT!! girls are also psycho. Like said, that does not apply to all HOT girls but it seems to apply to most of them. Demure girls tend to be more appreciative and sensible. Heck sometimes they are even down right smart and willing to work!!!

    But what can I say, I just turned 29 (on the 25th), I am still single, and have not had a girl friend in like 4 years...... lol


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      Well, that sucks. But let me tell you, I saw several cases just tonight where I am convinced they would like to have broken up as nicely and as easily as you guys did!

      Really I'm hurt lmao, but I'm dealing with it. Went out and had a few beers with a friend & discussed positive things, like my other ex who has been calling me a lot recently (she was the one that got away, nice girl). Might go catch a movie with her if she's up for it, but deep down inside I know I don't like her that way, & if I tried she'd just be a rebound. Sucks.

      My ex that just broke off with me had the nerve to call me back & say, "By the way I just wanted to tell you that I'm really happy! Bla bla bla" WTF, she's lucky I don't mulch her a55! It's ok though, two can play at this game. Man if it wasn't wrong to swear on this forum, i'd be full of creative words.

      Just something I observed: most (not all, but most) !!HOT!! girls are also psycho. Like said, that does not apply to all HOT girls but it seems to apply to most of them. Demure girls tend to be more appreciative and sensible. Heck sometimes they are even down right smart and willing to work!!!

      Hot girls are wacko, honestly I should have listened to my friends more. Every girlfriend of mine has fit the same category with their looks and personality, all ending up becoming psychos. I'm not even kidding. I can't remember one girlfriend NOT hitting me or throwing something heavy at me. One of them tried to kill me once, she was the hottest. I have scars!

      I had a girlfriend who I broke off with because she was just gross. She turned all goth on me, and let's not forget she was a mute (she had a speech problem) which was something that struck my curiosity. The problem with her is... You have a woman who wears way too much black & she's white & can't talk.. I'm dating a damn mime. Not to mention she wore her B.O as perfume.

      But what can I say, I just turned 29 (on the 25th), I am still single, and have not had a girl friend in like 4 years...... lol

      I'm jealous, seriously I cannot stay single. For some reason I just get the ball rolling as soon as a breakup happens. I think every girlfriend of mine was a rebound & I forget to break it off, so I get stuck in a rut.

      I honestly have no belief for this sort of love, but if I can manipulate a woman to be the one for me, that'll do nicely! I'll keep it simple & buy my next girlfriend romance movies she can watch alone. (some *cough*) woman take this stuff too seriously. I had to sit through this movie where a girl leaves her established fiancee for this other punk in Ireland who has nothing going for him. Every time a movie like that ends, all I can say is, "What happens to them in 2 years when the woman realizes this guy has no money, that the fun times faded away & your little romantic field trip in his Ireland becomes boring?"

      Life is not a fantasy, the problem with my ex was patience. Sure we could have been romantic, if only I had given up on my company to go roll around in the damn snow. lol. What I tried to explain to her is, "let's secure ourselves a little more ($$$$$), so that we can do even BIGGER & BETTER things.

      The worst thing too, because she was so babied growing up, she took everything I've done for her for granted & still to this day has no clue how much effort I put into our relationship.

      Like common, every odd weekend with her costs me $300.00. She literally has no idea where this money comes from & when I tell her it's, "Yeah I know"... One time she said, "So don't spend money, we don't need it to be happy!" ...

      Why did she break up with me? Because without money, laying in bed all day watching movies on the internet just didn't cut it.

      Here is how our typical day used to go.

      I pick her up & we drive (gas)
      We go & buy movie tickets ($21.00)
      We grab lunch ($40.00)
      We watch the movie
      We go to buy dvds, 6 because that's their sale ($40.00)
      We buy snacks ($10.00)
      We order out dinner ($50.00)
      or we go out to dinner ($80.00)

      So a minimum of $161.00 and a maximum of $191.00

      So it gets expensive, though that's not the problem at all. In fact I love it, the problem is she lacks being grateful.

      I remember I wanted to take her to get a massage before she had a big sports tournament. Let's say she wanted to go on Thursday.

      On Monday she decides to flip out & tell me things aren't working out, I wasn't in the mood or ready at all to deal with this problem. So I offered to take her out so we could discuss all these problems. We had a very expensive & romantic night where she "fell in love all over again" with me...

      Thursday comes along, I tell her, "I wont be able to get you that massage, taking you out the other day used up all I had"

      She said, "Well wtf? I have a tournament Friday & I thought I'd be able to get one before then, my week is ruined"

      Good lord man, the effort I have put into this girl had me laughing... Honestly I think she drove me a little insane.

      I don't think I ever yelled at any person so much, or as loud as I have to her.

      My problem as her boyfriend was HER. She caused me to get aggravated & impatient enough to yell at her every damn second.

      A week before today, I actually said, "I don't mean anything by this, but do you know if you have any brain issues? Maybe we can go see a doctor" lol

      I wasn't saying it to be mean, she really has me believing she's a tard.

      I typed a lot... wow. I'm not even going to read what I wrote above, LOL.

      Feels good to get it all out in the open, that's for sure.

      A life lesson I follow:

      If you argue in a relationship, keep it to yourselves. The more people you get involved, the harder the problem is to solve. No one understands your relationship other than the people in it, & other peoples opinions will always be negative when your partner or you are telling them how upset you are.

      And marriage counseling, if it works that's great. If it doesn't, just imagine how depressing that must feel? People will surely break up if they are able to say, "we failed our counseling, isn't that enough?" getting people involved is silly. Suggestions are nice, but only if the person your telling them to isn't gullable or easy to manipulate.

      I AM DONE.

      I write too much


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        In a way I do see it as my fault. I bring all my frustrations from work right into my every day life.
        I think we all tend to fall into this. That is why I think as you find more success, it will actually improve your well being.

        We all want to feel like we are doing something positive, worthwhile and something we are happy about. It's hard to be happy with something when you are not getting out of it what you want. All too often, what we want to get out of it, in business, is to get paid. So if we don't get the money out of it we feel we need or want, then we don't feel successful.

        It also can be frustrating because you wonder what you are missing. Why isnt it working right?

        We get fixated on this and everything else seems to fall by the way side.
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          Relax !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

          Look i don't know you and you don't know me. And i didn't read the hole story. I was 30 when i meet my wife. God has a plan for you. He did for me and it wasn't easy, and i have been alone more than I've had some in my life. Step back and take a deep breath. You have to be you, I am sure you get told that a lot, and i am sure that people tell you when you quit looking it will happen. I was so sick of hearing that. No one has the answers. No one knows whats going to happen. You might wind up alone. You have to be OK with not knowing.You have be ok alone. I have a ton of other bad advice that i could give you, but i wont, Do you have SIRIUS? There is a show on ch108 with two guys Covino and Rich great show, check it out. It will help you out.


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            She did you a favor!

            Get money, **** bitches!

            Oh, and stay focused on your goals, long and short-term.


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              Lol I'm taking my other ex out for a good time next week, & she's VERY excited about doing garden work for me this summer. This is fantastic.

              Recycling. Just kiddingggg, I'm not that mean. lol. Though I managed to hit the jackpot.

              Being single is boring in my opinion. Regardless if the woman stick around or not. Being in a relationship keeps me on my toes, keeps me sane, I mean... we have cold winter nights here, & woman provide excellent heat. Plus her father is hiring me for lawn service, bingo.

              Nah, I love this girls family. We were friends before we dated & it was basically better off that way at the time, though now we both have goals & I'm pretty sure we'd hit it off well. Either that or another one bites the dusttttt! Oh well!

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              All I basically have is woman & 1 guy friend. Everyone else became a dad & disappeared. Worst thing is, my 1 guy friend recently told me he was a fruitloop. So now I consider myself a lone soldier. LOL

              What is the world coming to.

              This is what I want to look like in the future:


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                I think we ALL (especially us younger guys) get in this slump. I worked for ADT before I went full time in Lawn Care and property maintenance....and I didn't date much because I was out of town ALL the time. Soon as I went into business for myself, initially it was fine... dated steady and such, but then the classic line I've heard all my working life (since I was 15...22 now) "your job is cutting into our time, this isn't going to work" and it was like a slap in the face. at 22 I'm self-employed doing commercial and residential work, and I got slandered for it. Since then, I've done short term dating, but never got to serious, I just don't have the time...and can't find anyone who understands that anyway. I LOVE this business, the pay is good, the jobs are always interesting, the travel is pricy, but a new location is a new adventure, if I ever get married...I'd rather it be to someone who wants in on this action whether it be in the field, or the office...(hopefully the office. ) anyway.... I know where you all are coming from, and all I got to say is... the business was here first.


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                  "your job is cutting into our time, this isn't going to work"
                  With the lawn care business, I would think you wouldn't be traveling much since all your customers would most likely be local.

                  How do you feel your job cuts into dating time now? Do you think it's that you work long hours or is it more that your mind is always on it and you don't think of other things?
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                    I think its a mixture of both. Theres some places we have to be at before opening hours, or after business hours so its late nights sometimes and long days on top of that. Granted we do have more local customers, but we're still trying to expand so I'm spending a lot of time in the field as well as the office doing the real grunt work (pricing ) My other issue is the last girl I dated despised my business, so I guess I'm just waiting to find one that would be on board with what I'm doing.


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                      My first, gut reaction to reading the phone convo is that she cheated on you.

                      then I thought about it a minute and decided that I am probably right.
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                        My first wife and I really didn't have anything in common (well one thing but we were young) My second wife is great as we both work in the lawn trade her in an office and me my own company, so we can vent at each other and we understand what the other is going through.
                        Keep you head up Cheese you will meet your little lawn mower Girl one day, it just seems to happen when you least expect it.


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                          you guys do know the thread was started in february ?..........2010 ?


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                            Damn Zombie Threads!!!!
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                              I enjoy meeting the parents, but once they interfere with my life it gets really annoying. I eventually see them the same way I see my annoying customers.

                              A lot of girls I've been with have been beautiful, but come from a family of lazy underachievers and I don't like to be judged by those who are too lazy to better themselves for their family and who are nowhere as fortunate as me with my efforts. Basically, the in-laws can live in filth, save money by using generators instead of paying for electricity etc... the list goes on, and I don't mind as long as they don't judge me.

                              My ex's mother judged me one time, so I told her exactly why her career choice is failing and it really hit home. You can't be in real estate and live in a home with holes in the roof, broken windows and half of a garage door for 10+ years - with a mailbox stapled to a "For Sale" sign.
                              Also, she is barely able to speak English or French. She can drive around to meet her potential clients with no bumpers and plenty of visible rust. If she took a few minutes out of her day to maintain her own property, I would have no problem and would have shut my mouth - she'd be making an effort!!!!

                              Another reason why my ex would have left me is because I despised her family. At first I loved to help out and bond, then it became full time because they weren't able to do anything on their own.

                              I guess telling my ex, "I hate your family and I don't want them in my life, while raging on about how easy it would be for them to change their lives for the better" wouldn't be too good!

                              1. Sell the god damn house, even if you don't profit.
                              2. Rent out an apartment
                              3. Use the now excess funds you are now gaining to help your family buy a new car, and be able to eat breakfast lunch and dinner for the rest of your lives.

                              They want to stay in the house for sentimental value, but it'll most likely kill them. The roof has been caved in for years, and they even have holes in the ceiling of their home... with no interest in fixing it

                              The father is the only real supporter with a job, but he's offering outdated products (about 15 years behind in his market/field).

                              If you want to sell me a Walkman, I will slap you. Try selling me 1000 year old desktop computer for double the price of a new fully featured computer, I will bury you.

                              To me, family is important. The girl I end up with has to have a great family because I have a lot to offer - Unfortunately this was not the case.


                              The perfect woman should know how to use a trimmer and enjoy being covered in mud and grass on a daily basis. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR?!?!?!
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